Thursday, April 8, 2010

This n That

Just a few things I've been up to....making a mess

and then redecorating...My living room is very monochromatic and I always try to add a splash of putting red food coloring in the cala lily water

and revamping the side table in the dining room

This empty box of chocolate chip cookies (i didn't eat one) was too good to throw out. I have a friend Tammy who is the Queen of recycling and she has inspired me to do so...

I used circus print paper with out clowns (click on the link and you'll see why) glued it to all sides and the top then, I added some ric rac and my favorite obsession...buttons and now I have a brand new canister in my kitchen

There has been some serious baking going on
lately. Why is it, that I almost end up baking
when the weather gets warm? Anyways, cookies
for Raquel's friends birthday because Raquel is
too busy, seriously, she barely has time to sleep.
And cookies for one function or another but as I stated before...I haven't eaten any...yet. I hid a couple in the freezer for me for after my dr. appt next week...cross your!

Again I'm on a shipping tag jag. I go through
phases and I just about wear myself out. I have tunnel vision and I'm up late but I have a great time creating...just me and my ipod

What else am I gonna do with all my buttons?

...and, I printed on fabric and made it
into a pillow but I don't like the way
it came out. I'm not a perfectionist, it's just that the writing is not centered on the pillow and EVERTHING must be centered. So, I
will rework it and I'm sure I'll blog about it in the near future...

Now about that apron....

that's all folks!


  1. Oh Bunny! This is great....I love the clown thing!!! HEHHEHEH! And....I too, am on a tag jag, thanks to you! How do you print on fabric??????

    Everything is wonderful....keep going! Anita

  2. Yea! Your box makeover is fabulous! My dining table is a much bigger mess than your's. In fact, your's looks very organized. I've got some boxes just waiting to be beautified! Your cookies look delish! I would be running for a glass of milk and chowing down on at least a few before anyone else could get to them. Plus, I always have to taste everything just to make sure it is good for the giving. :) Love your tags too. I have run out of room saving cereal boxes for gift totes, so now am chopping them up for tags. Glad to see you are creating! I'm inspired by you now. :) Have a super Friday. Tammy

  3. I love your banner picture. I enlarged that picture with the enamel ware..pots, and is that bowl enamel ware also, with the pocket dots girl..I GOTTA see those pics on your kitchen. Oh, I noticed that red all around..lovin it...what a cool idea with the food dye

  4. Bunny, you've been busy and it certainly has paid off! Those tempting. And your tags and circus sans clowns box are fab! Do bunnies ever rest? ~ Angela

  5. Nice tags-I think many of us go on 'jags' and Make til we're cross-eyed...woke up at 2 am in my living room chair with the crocheting and hook clutched in my hands and my extra-sharp embroidery scissors strangely poking at my ribs...hmmm...good thing I wasn't sewing...

  6. The box is sweet and the tags are gorgeous!

  7. You've been busy - now I want to see that pillow.

  8. You've been a busy little lady and those cookies look SO delicious!!

  9. You have been busy!!! I love, love, love the tags!!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Hi, Bunny, you have been a busy girl, and I love all of your creations. That circus canister is so cute!! Those tags are adorable, and the chocolate chip cookies are positively making me drool. Thanks for coming by for a visit. It always makes me smile when you do. Have a beautiful, fun filled weekend, my friend! Vicki

  11. I'm not crafty at all but I can appreciate them. I love, love, love those, the cookies looked pretty good too.

  12. Bunny dearest,
    Thank you for coming and visiting; it is a wonderful thing that we have been connected after all these years. Ruben and I have our tickets to go out to LA in June, after I am done with my teaching. I have to email Marie with my itinerary; I hope you will be in town.

    You have inspired me in so many ways Bunny, and your humor, love of art and all things beautiful mean a lot to me.

    Lots of love, Anita

  13. Ha! As soon as I saw the cookie box I thought of Tammy. I am sure she is proud of your recycling creatively! Love the tags too.

  14. Hi: You have been busy. I love the bling, surprise, surprise. You weren't kidding when you said you were on a roll. You go girl! Hugs, Martha

  15. I'm loving your tags!
    AND your way cool Etch-a-Sketch header, too!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. California has some of the most wonderful Calla Lillies growing everywhere! LUCKY YOU! I've been making messes too. SUCH FUN isn't it? Until it's time to clean :( Those cookies look yummy. Have a great weekend. HUGS! Charlene

  17. Yeah what about that apron????'ll get to it. {when inspiration hits.} Just have fun doing what you are doing. No pressure. That's what I keep telling myself. hehe. oh those tags! That canister is too cute too. And yes we all should put a splash of red in our homes. A very good decorating tip. :)

  18. Love those tags...beautiful! Glad I found your's wonderful! I'm a follower so I'll be back!


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