Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yard Sale Smackdown + update 4/24

Been to a few yard sales and I even got Eric involved in a couple of them. He knows me so well, he points to things and I run over to the item and 9 times outta 10, it has Bunny written all over it.
I've even been to the Goodwill Store (bought a couple of you later)anybody been there lately? The one I go to is very clean and color makes for a more pleasant search and discover

Here we go...

1 very heavy ornate plaster plant's very pale green...almost grayish and I'm probably gonna paint it white....$1. These 6 wooden trays are various sizes and colors. The lady who sold them was obvious gonna go something with them but she said she didn't know and they had been sitting in her garage for over a year....$3 for all of them. Aren't they nice?...Think I'll decoupage a least one of them...the others ...we'll see. Any ideas? Went to a friends yard sale and she GAVE me this cushion....SCORE!!

A cute little framed flower within a frame with a hanging medallion..very vintage....50 cents and this Moroccan pattern tin. Beautiful colors of gold, ivory and maroon that will fit perfectly in my Living room 25 cents

This very vintage champagne color clutch. Look at all the detail on it..Gorgeous! She wanted
$5 for it, I offered $3 she said no way. To bad for me, although I really wanted to buy it, I had several more yard sales to go. Finally at the end of my excursion, I went back just to see and there is was just laying there on the table. The lady was gone and left her hubby in charge...I asked how much?...his response..make me an offer...$2....SOLD!

These old pieces of silverware that I use for any event that calls for a buffet...they come in very handy and look wonderful in their mis matchy way...10 cents each piece

Although this pillow is not in my color scheme in any part of my house, my intention is to cover it somehow...I will and when I do...I'll show you...25 cents

This black wrought Iron wine rack. It had a $2 sticker on it...I offered $1...SOLD! This lady asked me if I drink wine. I told her nawh, not much, that I'll probably paint it white and use it
for a plant stand or towel holder. Her response..."I never thought of that" of course she didn't...she sold it for a dollar~ oh that sounded kinda bratty huh?...Oh well, you snooze you loose.

And my favorite thing of the day. This bright green shiny ceramic artichoke that I already displayed along with the clutch, in my dinning room. This is the second artichoke I've purchased at a yard sale in the past 6 months....$2

Like some you out there...finding treasures and putting my own creative spin on them just makes my day plus I truly enjoy getting out and talking to people and bargaining. Right now I have projects galore just lining up and the more I see what you all do, it just makes me wanna do
more. project at a time and in between my rants and raves, I'll show you as they are finished

Update 4/24 On my way to the market I spied a couple of yard sales...with $4 burning a hole in my pocket...I stopped.

2 Great movies...both for $3 and this very red and iridescent vase, 25 cents, that will look pretty darn good in my living room....I'm just sayin"


  1. you had a hey-day!! wow, great finds. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  2. Great finds!!! I love the wooden trays, they look good as they are, but even better decoupaged!!!!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. wow what great finds! I used to do garage sales, flea markets etc. mainly for books and small flattish junque for altering them. I rarely ever saw any really nice items but i was always on the look out to buy beautiful misc. like your finds.

    I collected lady head vases from the 50's for many years but that would be only at the big antique shows.
    Love love your artichoke, the trays oh my! I've never even heard of a three footed teacup; its awesome!

    Canadians must hold on to their things forever. Well, hey i know i do. But nobody has anything real old, or even vintage and in great shape and beautiful as well.

    You lucky girl and the season is just beginning!

  4. What a lot of wonderful bargains! I love the clutch! You must be so pleased with it!!!

  5. Holy Cow scored! THat purse, that did it. Oh how I wish you could come to our Bryn Mawr all neighborhood sale. VINTAGE GALORE! If I see something that says, "BUNNY" I will try to get it. OH I DO HOPE!!! My pal Julie lives there and is going to sell...she has a lovely collection of fun things.

    Have a great weekend! Anita

  6. Those trays are amazing. Wow!!I'm loving that purse. I collect purses too...Hubby is supposed to take me tomorrow..GOD WILLING,lol. My yard sale side kick has to work tomorrow so I have enlisted my hubby to bring me gallivanting for treasures.

  7. Oh Bunny you lucky girl !!! what a score. I don't usually go to yard sales but will make it a point to start now that I see what you got.
    Can't wait to see what you do with some of this.

  8. Wow, you did good!!! Love the artichoke, and the wine rack/towel holder is inspired!

    The story about coming back for the clutch made me smile. Do you think hubby was in the doghouse after that? haha

  9. Okay Ms Bratty! You just gave me a great idea-winerack for towel holder- never came up with that one...and I see 'em all the time-really love the little 'pillar' and the artichoke-you did well...

  10. You find the most wonderful things. My favorite is the artichoke!

    Happy Friday my Lovely Friend!

  11. Lovin' all your finds! I would SOOOOO haved snagged up those trays for $3. What a fabuloso deal. You go girl!

    Love your sweet blog. The tape across the mouth had me in stitches.


  12. Shame to cover the pillow. I love it as it is. As for the clutch-hubby got in big trouble and he had no idea why, but good for you!

  13. I had a chance to thrift today, but turned it down because I wasn't feeling well. NOw I'm sorry I did,,,thinking of what might have been there, waiting for me to find it! and love it, and bring it home! yikes!

    i love your finds....great day, I'm just sayin'!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina was here!

  14. Wow, you got some killer deals! That purse is gorgeous with all the detail. The wooden trays were a could do so many different paint techniques with them. I like the artichoke too. I agree about Goodwill...always easier to discover finds when it's halfway organized in a store!

    Love your blog name...I'm just sayin!

  15. Lovely goodies

    Hugs RosieP x

  16. Great finds. You could mosaic tile the tray.

  17. Great buys! You are causing me to get in the mood to go see what I can find. :) Hugs!

  18. Oh Bunny I'm so jealous!!

    I LOVE the cutlery, the trays, and that clutch bag is to die for. And I can't believe the prices you paid!!

    We must be on a parallel wavelength or something because I've been second-hand shop browsing today too, didn't find nearly as many treasures as you though!

  19. Bunny you can find the best bargains. I am like Lulu love the artichoke myself. What are you going to do with your trays. I am looking forward to seeing them when you finish them
    Hope your doing well

  20. I think my favorite things out of this whole bunch is the hand bag. I like the silver ware too. So glad you are having fun searching for treasures. It's a ton of fun but for some reason I can not get myself into the mood.. must have burnt myself out on yard sales,estate sales and auctions when I had my store. I just spent the last two years selling most of my excess in my own garage sales.

  21. Bunny: I love everything, especially that vintage hand bag. It is stunning. Thank you for your offer of the room. You did not mention the two extra soft pillows, that is a deal breaker! LOL! I love you. You are the best! Blessings, Martha

  22. BUNNY DEAR! Thanks for coming birthday was a blast. Ruben and I didn't do much, but you know, that is just fine. A sign of aging? Hmmmm.....I think I am an over-worked, over-achieving nut...getting up at 3:30am to blog, workout, eat, get Ruben to work, get myself to work on the other end of town and try to be in my classroom by 6:15am and then TEACH...yep, a quiet evening at home suits me just fine! But....the well-wishes and birthday cards and cool vintage tags and cards from friends was SOOOOOOOO COOL! And, next week is that Bryn Mawr community yard sale. Oh Bunny, you would flip out. VINTAGE CITY!

    Thanks for coming by....Anita

  23. I forgot how much fun a tag sale could be... I have called a moratorium on them because I have too much stuff. I love your reporting and great finds... nice to stop by!

  24. Okay, Bunny, I want to interview for Sensational Woman Saturday...really.
    Thanks for the comment. e-mail me at:

  25. Gee, Bunny! Really fabulous finds. And so grand that your Mr. will go with you. Thanks for sharing your treasures...just so fun! ~ Angela

  26. Gimme a high five on the clutch! Way to go, that'll learn her to overprice something at a yard sale. ;-)

    Have a wonderful evening!

  27. I LOVE your trays! It will be fun to see what you do with them & the rest of your finds! Oh & thanks for the idea of looking for pillows....I was wondering how to round some up to turn my sister's play house into a little teen lounge (girls only :) & I never thought of buying some used & recovering them...I am such a dunce! :)

  28. Wow ! You scored big time. Lots of fun stuff to play around with. The trays will look great decoupaged. I have a couple of unfinished ones like those -- I decoupaged one in the past with pics I cut from magazines (all in my favorite colors). I have so many projects I want to do. Just never seem to get started. STill trying to recover from the weekend. Enjoyed your Earth Day post. And you've changed your blog up again. :) Have a great week. Tammy

  29. I love going to yard sales and want to offer you $5 for the purse Lol! It's gorgous! I'll have to do some posts about my own finds, love going to sales and flea markets. It's been tough the last few years with a little one but now that she is 4, I'll be able to take her along.

    And good for you for resusing and reinventing, just so great for the environement and what a great way to "Go Green" :)

  30. I'm so happy you linked up to me on What You Are Looking made me happy girl! It's usually my girlfriend and I that stare at one another's items,,LOL..She is just as nosey as I am and we have been SO hoping others will show their 'stuff' so we can come and stare!! Oh girl, I love the update..that vase, wow 25 cents. Great finds with the movies too. I spent a total of 5.50 cents on my yard sale haul....It has just begun so there is not very many yard sales..We usually hit about 20 on a Saturday. But I'm happy with the's yard sale days,,yahoooooooooooooo!

  31. WOW Bunny! You have been really busy with your garage all that you got...especially the green that is sweet. Lovely finds!


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