Sunday, August 15, 2010

Are You Lookin' at Me?

Ever get the feeling people are watching you? Looking at you as you pass them by on the street or the aisle of the super market? Giving you the ol' double take or the stare down? I get it ALL the time...have for years. Naw...I'm not paranoid or looking for trouble or even imagining it. I'm just very observant and for many years now, I've noticed people looking at me and sometimes down right staring at me as I walk by or stand and look at something out in public. The reason I bring this up now is because while in Vegas, we were walking in a mall and just happened to walk past a group of what appeared to be middle eastern tourists. As we walked by them a couple of them very intently watched me as I walked by. I turned to my daughter and asked her if she saw that and she did. Don't know why they watched me. I wasn't walking around scantily clad, I'm not drop dead gorgeous enough to stop traffic nor am I ugly enough to do the same. I wasn't wearing a funny hat or acting outrages and although, as Raquel pointed out, I do look middle eastern to some people, I find it hard to believe they would be checking me out for that reason. So, having said this, I find it very interesting as to why people have always looked at me in some way or form to the point of me noticing them. Does this happen to you or should I check myself into some sort of narcissist rehab? I'm just sayin'!


  1. Heck Bunny, just get used to the fact that you are drop dead gorgeous. Or maybe it is that sparkling, magnetic personality that just draws people to you. :) I get stares too -- but then, I am different around here and the Middle Easterners are the norm. Sometimes I think, am I staring at them or are they staring at me? :/ HA! Have a great week. Tammy

  2. Can you say "Paranoia". Sorry, I couldn't help myself, I'm a nurse.

  3. There is just one remedy to get an answer to your questions on this subject. Just look back with a gorgeous smile and say "Are you enjoying what you see?!" ;-))
    And of course there must be something striking about your appearance.

  4. OH YEAH! It happens to me all the time, and I have no idea why. Some people have even come up to me and have asked me the most ridiculous questions to I Asian, why is my butt so big, am I Indian....what business is that of theirs? HEEE, I was in an elevator once and some American guy walks into the elevator, stares at me and starts speaking Chinese to me...I KID YOU NOT! What the he..........Anita

  5. People just stare at me because I'm scary and they want to figure out which way to run.

  6. OH Bunny honey you know why their looking at you...your looks and crazy personality just stop everyone in their tracks.
    Vegas and you did not invite me...shame shame.
    You had better get your self over to my giveaway or I am going to staring hard at you for a long time

  7. Well, Ms Bunny, I am almost 6 feet tall, and I used to have flaming red hair and a rather prominent..ahem..chest (no, I was born with them, unfortunately..) been that tall since thirteen, and that bodacious. so getting stared at was something I got used to, but have to say, always hated it..
    I am past 60 now, and yes, it still it isn't age or size or whatever..some of us are just worth staring at..I refuse to see it as anything but a compliment. So should vivacious thing!

  8. Bunny i too used to get stared at all the time and i don't think i was attractive at all, and now that i'm elderly its eased off somewhat(omg do i hate that e word)

    Anyhow sometimes it bothered me more than others because it involved all age groups but mostly female and i've never got why.

    Once i was a member of a curves gym and i went in the afternoons before all the working women got there. One day i was the only one working the circuit when a woman came in with her daughter age about 7.
    The person in charge told her no kids allowed but the woman talked her into letting her do the circuit and her daughter would sit quietly waiting at the side.

    Well! That kid put her eyes on me and she didn't let up. Around and around i went and the kid was making me nervous;i mean a 7 yr. old was freaking me out! It was unbelievable. I was out of shape but not obese, not panting or sweating profusely or anything like that, i mean i think i looked like just any other woman working out. It makes me feel stupid just thinking about how that child got to me.

    She just stared and stared and of course the mother was oblivious and it was making me crazy. I started off first by giving her the evil eye with no results. So when i got around near to this kid i kinda stage whispered to her to "stop looking!"

    which of course made her eyes even wider if that was possible. The next time around i said "stop it" loud enough for the mother to wake up. But she was about finished by then and leaving anyhow.
    I was never so uncomfortable in my life even though well used to people staring at me.
    It still makes me feel odd thinking about it. I was literally freaked out by a 7 yr old?!

  9. So once I was going into a meeting and some of the ladies were looking at me. It was because the zipper to my pants had somehow opened up! When I wear black pants I usually wear some black underwear but this particular day I was wearing nude! But other than that I don't think people stare at me...:D

  10. Some people I have found have a "similar looking face". If you get the "I know I know you from somewhere" question asked a lot it is because you have a face that is recognizable. It is a face that has a few small prominent features that stand out and when other humans see them their minds try to fit a picture of a person they know with the same details in its place. Or your just really really hot!!!

  11. Yes, it does happen to me all the time and for the longest time I always just felt that something was 'wrong' with me, like they thought I was weird or something..but I have come to realize,,and I see it with you also..we radiate girl..That is our personality. We shine! There is just something that is within us that makes people stop and stare..

    One night we were at a party and I was surrounded by a group of people I had just met and was busy yapping away to them when out of the corner of my eye I see another group of people staring at ME..I thought..'are they staring at me?' I kept talking away and than looked back and noticed one lady saying to the others..'oh don't you just love her, isn't she so nice'..LOL LOL.

    When Randy I left the party that night I was laughing my hiney off..'Randy, they all loved me' was kinda of freaky. Felt like a famous person..LOL

  12. Bun, I've had the same experience but sometimes I wonder if it isn't them looking at me, as I look at them, so they look back at me, etc. When you look someone in the eye, they look back, and it just continues on from there. OR! You're paranoid. And I'm sticking with that so don't try to change my mind. And by the way, don't look at me like that!


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