Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the Saddle again...

When Raquel was 3 years old she wanted to ride horses...always. She nagged me to no end and just wouldn't let up on the subject. She nagged me so much, that I off offhandedly told her when she turns 11, she could take lessons, thinking that a little toddler wasn't gonna remember and that the "horsie" phase would take a huge flying leap outta her brain.....WRONG!

For 8 years she continued to remind me that the day was coming AND the fact that Auntie Brenda would have her come down to the stables and help out with her various horse chores didn't help. She would feed and groom the horses and schlep hay and manure all with such enthusiasm, that I had a feeling this was no phase. So when she turned 11 with the help of Auntie Brenda and this guy...

...she started her horse riding training. This is Tom...Tom is hot and yes, Tom was her very first riding instructor and a very good one to boot. I will never forget her first was in October and the lesson started out in the sunshine and by the time she really got into was raining. When Tom asked her if she wanted to stop she replied.."No Way". As the years continued, Raquel had moved to various stables and instructor due to what and where she wanted to learn. One or two lesson per week for 2 and a half years...but that's not the surprising part. I hardly saw any of them. You see, I was extremely nervous watching her. My anxiety levels would sky rocket and I would have to leave. I would go for walks or shopping or run errands because I just couldn't deal with it. And as she got better and better which included jumping, cantor and even a little gallop here and there, I was outta my mind to the point the Dr. gave me something to take at every lesson if I choose to stay and watch, but not once did I tell her that she couldn't ride. I would explain my feelings of stress, reinforce her love of riding and that's just how it was. We understood each other.

After over 2 years of riding English, Raquel decided to try Western and ended up loving that too and took lessons for about 3 more years. Unfortunately, school became to stressful and she had
her hands full of other obligations, she had to to take a break and I exhaled, all the time knowing that she would eventually go back.....and she has.

She has missed riding English and is now picking up where she left off and actually learning a few Dressage moves too. My anxiety level has gone down due to the fact that I don't have to take her to her lessons...she can take I've been doing a lot reading and it's helped me tremendously.

So my little 3 year old is growing up right before my eyes and it's harder that I thought it would be but I'm so darn proud of her and the young lady she has become that just knowing that, helps me to grow up too.


  1. Raquel is beautiful and the picture is great. I would be like you...I would be so nervous and anxious if I were watching one of my girls learn to ride. I hope she enjoys her riding for many years and you can enjoy watching her and not be anxious. Hugs

  2. She is dedicated. A rare quality in youngins theses days. I know you are proud. Could be worse. She could have taken an interest in Bull Fighting.

  3. Such a sweet post! And Raquel is a natural beauty. You should be proud indeed! ~ Angela

  4. Raquel sure is a beauty and from what i've heard and seen of her she's a wonderful and amazing young lady.
    I think shes a reflection of her mom and you have every right to be proud of the great job you've done raising her.
    Ride Raquel, ride!
    Be calm Bunny, calm....

  5. Oh Bunny, what a great ending.....I guess that is what happens; as the child matures, so does the parent. You have done a great job and yes, isn't she lovely? Oh what a lucky girl...I had and still have a huge JONES for horses, but I never got my wish. Oh well! LOVE TO YOU, Anita

  6. Wow Bunny, here there are all these choices in learning the various riding schools, English, Western, etc. I'd be happy with just the Prevent Broken Bones School.

    You must be very proud of your daughter. And I'm sure she realizes what great parents you have been to give her such opportunities even at the cost of your psychological anxiety.
    Your friend,

  7. What a beautiful photo of her. Happy Monday.

  8. Oh Bunny I feel for you. You're such a good mom. Yeah! she is all grown up now and what a beauty. You should be proud.
    I'm going to try to catch up a little bit with my blogging. I sure needed the break.
    You're the first one I visited. Had to see what you've been up to.

  9. So many kids don't have direction in their lives. Heck, lots of adults don't either. Raquel has proven that she is determined and driven. Both qualities that will take her far. And having a great mama that lets her spread her wings is a big plus. Hope you are having a great week. :) Tammy

  10. She's a little mini Bun Bun....GORGEOUS!



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