Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Linen Rednesday

Some of my vintage linen collection.

I fantasize about having a tea party with several little tables set up...each with a different tablecloth

and of course, I'm hosting in one of my vintage aprons

not sexy enough? How 'bout this one

Hope you enjoy some of my Reds...I really enjoy drooling over yours~


  1. Cute linens and ooh..la..la that is some apron! lol

  2. Pretty sure that second apron would be the right one. And those tablecloths...so pretty! ~ Angela

  3. What a great tea party it would be with all those lovely linens. I have a friend who makes the most amazing aprons. I still haven't gotten one from her yet -- she keeps saying she is working on it. :/ Best wishes for your day, Tammy

  4. Oh a tea party using vintage EVERYTHING would be delightful....I dream of having one in ALL WHITE, but perhaps in this case, I would have red rose petals strewn all over the ground outside for a late summer garden tea party, and serve up red raspberry desserts, all against a white backdrop of linens and china. ENJOY DREAMING DEAR!! Anita

  5. Love the Red in all those gorgeous linens! Gorgeous blog too!
    Happy Rednesday,
    btw My Rednesday is posted if you can join me… HERE!

  6. I love your tableclothes, I'm especially fond of the roses with the yellow stripes!

  7. That is amazing because I fantasizing about going to a tea party like that ~ lol. Just let me know when. Have a great day. Connie

  8. I really like them all but I love that red check cloth with the big rose on it!
    The Tattered Tassel

  9. I have a red apron so let me know when to wear it for the next tea party.

  10. OK, when can we all come over for tea?

  11. Was by here early this morning and saw this post. Had to come back to comment..Oh girl,,I'm loving how you displayed those vintage clothes..just gorgeous.That apron rocks!!

  12. Bunny, I think you would totaly LOVE that shop! They had some great things & ideas. Also, I think they have some classes. HUGS! Charlene


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