Friday, August 20, 2010

The Latest

Well, I'm kinda winding down for the Summer and trying to wrap my brain around going back to work and Raquel going back to school for her last year. This Summer has been a very mild one...climate wise and a very fun and interesting wise. Here's just a little snippet of whats been going on here for the last few weeks....

This use to be a mini corn field

now it's just good ol' corn. Most of it was good (so I hear...I don't eat corn) with a couple of not so good ears. Gave most of it to family and friends

The tomato plant is still goin' strong and they were and are wonderful

Had a huge BBQ with Eric's relatives from Austria....we all had a great time including the newest member of our family....Alex

Celebrated my BFF Brenda's B Day at Farrell's and made a pig outta ourselves and pretended we were 16 again...OK...we do that all the time but we had a good reason to this night

Connected with a friend from High School...shout out to Facebook, and REALLY(uhh ohh) acted 16 again...turns out he doesn't live too far from me...We'll surely see each other again

Had a minute of crafting. Bought these 3 plaques at a yard sale for $ They were brownish and I just sprayed them my ever lovin' off white and placed them in the patio

and these two are still together and it's been quite interesting to watch. I'm looking forward to this new school year...(shaking my head no..wink, wink

I'm just sayin'


  1. Sounds like you had a pretty good summer..and I'm thinking that since you are going back to work (you say) you must be a teacher..who else gets a whole summer to recuperate? But then, who else needs and deserves a whole summer, yes?

  2. I love this post. There is something about the summer ending. Just got back from a week at the beach...I want to go back.

  3. Hi Bunny: I has been fun keeping up with you that is for sure. Enjoy what is left of summer, because school is coming! Love you, Martha

  4. Hi Bunny, looks like you've had a great summer with family and friends. How wonderful that you reconnected with a friend from HS. I'm still enjoying the last days of vacation as I go back to school in 5 days. The kids won't start until the middle of September because of the way Ramadan falls this year, so it is an even longer summer for them. My son will be 15 in a month and a half. His friends are very important to him but he hasn't started the girl thing much yet. It's definitely a different environment here where girl/boy relationships are concerned. But he is at an American school where things are a little more liberal. Young love, ain't it grand? Hope you are having a great weekend. :) Tammy

  5. Oh Bunny, how wonderful. It was a wonderful summer, wasn't it? Ours started out so sweetly with that trip to California, and you were a huge part of our fun. Then the rest was planning our addition to the house (starts in October) and then just taking it easy the rest of the time. What fun it is to take life slowly! Raquel is must be watching very closely!!!! Enjoy your prep back to school...I go back to my classroom on Thursday! AHH!!!


  6. Wow you have been busy! Cute pics!!!

  7. I've hardly set foot outside, it's too hot! I'm longing for cooler weather.

  8. I am ready for fall but it wont really cool down much for a month or so here. I did enjoy the fresh veggies from the garden. Mowing not so much. I am going to try corn next year. Seems you had a really nice summer.

  9. Hi Bunny,
    This was a special summer for Anita and I as well, not the least being going to California and connecting with you at the little family and bloggers reunion. Also, this was the first summer in forever that Anita and I had tons of time off. Enjoy what's left.
    Your friend,

  10. Looks and sounds like you had a great one. Except for the family/blogger reunion, I didn't see you, NOT ONCE! Was goona go to Marsha's one night but I think she'd verbooked herself so it didn't happen. Raquel looks beautiful, keep up the great work with her.


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