Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Curb Appeal...

Look what I found. Yes...I found it. It was sitting on the curb in the neighborhood of the school where I work and there was a big o' sign on it that read "FREE..IT WORKS". It must of been sitting there for all 30 seconds because there is no way it would have lasted. So I picked it up, brought it home and I instantly got into warped speed like I do...I must be feeling better, and painted the base antique white...because even though you can't take a gift horse for granted, the black marble effect does not work for me.

It came with white lights...hence the "it works part" and I set it in my dining room in a corner.
Even though I probably have tons of ornaments to put on it I didn't want to bother with a search and rescue mission at this time and I grabbed the first thing I thought of...Jewelry..yep! It must be on my mind because I ran upstairs..(OK, I methodically walked) to my bedroom and emptied my 3 boxes of costume jewelry and brought some pieces down. I proceeded to decorate the tree with it. I think it looks cute...well it better because I'm not moving it now. If you click on the pic perhaps you could see earrings, brooches and yes..those are a string of faux pearls....the real ones are in hiding. I even threw some stuff on the bird cage next to it. Did I tell you that I have 4 bird cages in and around my house and not one bird in them...because I don't like birds..Sorry, I digress....So anyways...that's what I did today. Oh yeah! I baked this morning and then went to work and worked here on my blog and the average daily stuff. I think I'm getting better...I must be if I'm picking up people's trash...I'm just sayin'


  1. You keep changing your header! :) I can't believe someone stuck that little tree with working lights out on the curb! It must have been meant just for you since you scooped it up right away. Fits perfect in that little corner. And I love that you decorated it with faux bling. So delightful! Have a great day! 2-1/2 more hours and the weekend has arrived in Kuwait. Woo-hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. YIKES Bunny! What a deal and a steal!!! AND...your idea to put jewelry, now that is truly original and I am sure that it looks great!!! On my way to work one day, I found a gorgeous golded gilt framed mirror in the trash that had a sign "Free"! You should have seen how fast I turned around!!! It sounds like you are feelng better! YEAH! Have a great day, Anita

  3. What a lucky lil' tree! Looks so pretty in all that bling. Enjoy! ~ Angela

  4. Wow, what a fantastic find!! Don't you just LOVE it when you're the lucky one who finds treasure on the curb, whoot! I love how you decorated too, so creative!!
    Oh, I'm a huge fan of bird cages too, ok... I like birds but won't have one in a cage though - love the one sitting next to your find, very unique!

  5. Hmmm...where did I set that tree I was fixing to put in the house......hmmmm, it was here a minute ago.....


  6. You are just too stinkin' lucky!
    What a SCORE!

  7. Hey Bunny! Thanks for being an early bird and catching my post! I so love to write and especially in rhyme...I don't know, I am strange!!!! I JUST LOVE YOUR BACKGROUND and the header. That photo reminds me of the good old "retro" Christmass of our childhood in the 60s. Very cool. I hope you are feeling great! Anita

  8. Bunny you are tooooo funny. I love the comment you left on my latest post.
    Hey your Headboard is toooooooo great. How in the world did you do that. I love it. Really really love it.
    I keep thinking I should decorate my site but I am having enough problems just decorating the farm house.
    Merry Christmas

  9. Hey I just noticed the other comment I wrote about this tree is not on here. Ok Bunny are you deleting my comments. they can't be that bad. lol
    I guess as usual I did something wrong.
    Makes me wonder how many comments I leave and are not completed.
    Anyway I think I said something like
    Bunny I can not believe you are the luckest lady on the block. Finding such a great tree. It is hard to believe people throw things like this away. They must have put it out there just for you to have.

  10. PS
    Forgot to mention I wrote the comment about the tree the first day you wrote about it. lol
    Does that give me brownie points.
    Also I am going to have another giveaway soon

  11. OMG! Great find! Someone must of gotten tired of it, otherwise why would they just sit it on the curb like that. Crazy people!
    I shouldn't talk, I'm ready to ditch half of my old Christmas decorations, but I think I'll give them to Goodwill.


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