Monday, December 14, 2009

Lil' Lulu

I knew you were up to something...I could only imagine and wish. You are one of the most creative and fun artist I have come to know so it's no surprise that you created this with me in mind....

I absolutely adore this whimsical necklace but, it's not going around my neck, Oh No, it will be displayed somewhere where everyone will see it and they will OOO and AHHH and they will be so impressed at the artistry and I will tell them that my friend Lil' Lulu gave it to me...just because.

Thank you my dear...I appreciate it and most importantly, I know it was made and given in love and that is what makes you so special and me so grateful.....

PS. Everyone please go to her blog, Coastal Sisters and check out her new usual, it is something that she has created with her extra special Lulu touch.

PPS..please excuse the plastic, I was soooo excited I couldn't wait to take a picture, but believe me...he's sooo cute with sparkly pink ears and big red buttons down the front of his bunny on pic to see detail....I'm just say'in


here is a better pic of the piece and I put Mr. bunny on a bird cage where he might even hang out after the holidays


  1. I can't believe it got there that fast! The Commander must have slipped the girl at the post office an extra 20 to put wings on that package! I am thrilled you love it and yes, it was made JUST for you. When I saw that image I knew that was for you and I had to bling the Bun up a bit before I put him in the frame and sent him on his way :)

    Love you dear friend,

  2. Oh Bunny, that is SO CUTE! Lulu is a charm, isn't she? She never sleeps, it seems. Her creations are a wonder and her kindness even more generous. Mr. Bunny is perfect for you. ENJOY! Anita

  3. What a truly wonderful, personal gift handcrafted with love. That makes it so extra special, just for extra special you! :) Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  4. Charming! Bunny's new bunny is adorable! Sidebar? Oh yeh! Thanks for the visit today! ~ Angela

  5. I love him on the birdcage!!!


  6. That LuLu girl is such a sweet giver!!! I love you bunny for Bunny.

    Thank you for your sweet comments on the Home Tour Show House. Oh Bunny, I WISH you could have seen the inside. No words to describe!!!!! If the outside was that magnificent just IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!! Hugs! Charlene

  7. The bunny is so cute! Yes LuLu is so talented and creative. She's a wonderful person.
    I'm glad to know her as well.
    hugs and kisses flying your way.


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