Saturday, December 26, 2009

One years time...

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
Albert Einstein.

Imagine that...everything that has happened to us within one year . It's a good thing that events get spread out. Sometimes at a leisurely pace other times, more than you can chew off...but we got through it. The good and the bad and the sometimes indifferent. I have to tell ya, I've had my share this year as did many other people I know.

Beginning with a breast biopsy in January that knocked the pasties off of me but I suppose made me a stronger person...which got me ready for a case of diverticilosis....diver...what you say? It just means I'm getting older and my body is telling me to put down the strawberries, tomatoes, and seeds. As far as I see it...that's bird food and just in case I get too cocky...because of my lack of gallbladder, no fat, no grease, no spice...NO FUN...yep, that's what that means. On a brighter note because of my protesting body parts I have lost as of this post 37 lbs....which means 20 more and my weight will actually say what's on my license. I've had my first colonoscopy and it was a breeze but what isn't a breath of fresh air is PERIMENOPAUSE....please don't make me write down the weird, freaky, inconsistent, messy, annoying, laughable, torturous all about it yourself.

Ok...enough of the pity party...09 had some very good turning points as well...hmmm, let's start with....

Raquel having her very 1st boyfriend which was cute and all but as she put it "very time consuming and too much work". Welcome to the club my dear! She also got her driving permit and has been driving around with her father (not me, I wanna hold on to the remaining body parts that I have) and having a great time exploring this great city we live in.

Besides Meredith having knee surgery and waiting for another one in 2 weeks, she became a nursing assistant and was promoted to manager within a 6 month period. I'm very proud of her, especially when you have 3 squirrely kids all under the age of 7 so it's kinda like x's 3 which = 15 children...right?

Besides the usual fixing and repairing and regular maintenance of the house, Eric always has a major project for the year. This year was the dining room and I must look Marvelous! Next year...the living room and if I know me...I'll try to sneak in something else for him to do.

This year has been filled with vintage and new, creativity and artistry, east coast and west coast.
I signed up on Facebook and I've never looked back. I have reconnected with people I went to Kindergarten with...even the wife of the boy who gave me my first kiss...they're divorced now and I had nothing to do with...I swear. I even have contact with an ex boyfriend and that's ok because he's gay and I swear....I had nothing to do with that one

But nothing has prepared me with you guys. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time and I just couldn't get myself to do it until my friend Marie made me...just kidding, she gave me the incentive to do it and even if it didn't work out...hay! what the's still my blog...right?
And then...people started to leave comments and call me by my name and ask about my life and family and then....well, you all are now a part of my life and your stuck. I've reconnected with Anita, whom I haven't seen since she descended from a helicopter on the high school football field back in 19#@. And I also become buddies again with my crazy friend Debbie...check out her blog but you've been warned...not only is she perimenopausal...she's crazy. And I've actually talked my friend Brenda into starting a blog too...and a very smart one to boot.

The new friends that I have made have had an impact of my life. They are all so wonderfully creative and artistic and not only with paint and wire and feathers and such, but with words. Words that take me somewhere else whether it's real or not. Words that soothe me or make me cry or words that force me to think. Some of my new friends helped me through trying times because they went or are going through the same things I did. Seems like they were always there for me...cyber there.

This past year has been a journey that I never expected but so glad I ventured into. I look forward to each day with curiosity and interest as to what you all are doing and I treasure your kind words and interaction with me every single day. If I lived close to any one of you, I'd for sure be knocking at your door and traipsing around town with you and probably getting in going to honky tonks, or listening to your kids band or chasing down delinquent cyclist or climbing sand dunes...ok, maybe not that one but we'd be crafting our heads off. I can't wait for the new year because I know you all, every single one of you will touch my heart in a way that only you can.

So here's to 2010...remember when the world was gonna blow up in 2000? That was funny...anyways.

Here's to a productive, whimsical, adventurous, vulnerable, healthier, loving,
creative and honest new year.

Salud , Cheers!, Prosit, A votre sante, L'chiam, Cin-cin and here's looking at you kid ~


  1. Oh Bunny dearest, that was awesome. First of all, thanks for coming to my puppy/friendship post! I just felt all fuzzy inside on Christmas, engaging with some bloggers all day and night on a very snowy and wonderful Christmas. Friends really make us live longer, laugh harder, cry better....we all need each other. I love this post; I am working on my New Years Eve post too, reflecting back on ONE YEAR of blogging, this coming december 30. I am so happy to have reconnected with you sweet Bunny; you have beautifully and humourously expressed some of the most difficult and memorable events of the year. Perimenopause? YIKES! If I may say here publically, MY BREASTS HURT! The other day, I was annoyed by everything, my breasts hurt, I felt heavy (and I am no where near being overweight) and the list goes on. Little by little we are falling apart, but all I know is that my dreams and my mind are exploding with possibilities for the new year, and I hope that the new year will present new things to you so that you can take all that wonderful humor and insight and share it with everyone. You lift me up, Bunny. Thank you for these last several months of the joy you spread. Oh...I love the date of my helicopter descension!!!! :) Smiles, hugs and much love, ANita

  2. Bunny, you are wonderful and funny and fun! This was such a great post. You do have a gift for gab and a flair for writing! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one whose breasts hurt! Ha! Thanks Anita for voicing that symptom of the peri phase. I am ready to change up my blog for the New Year. I thought I would be jumping the gun, but I can see that you and many others have done just that. Wishing you a wonderful day of blessings and happiness. I'd be honored to climb a sand dune with you. HA! :) Best wishes always, Tammt

  3. Bunny I am so touched by this post! Back at you girlfriend.....You have really said it all now what am I going to say for the New Year Post. lol
    I guess I will just have to copy and paste it to mine except for your name of ocurse.
    Thank you for writing this and we all adore you too and sooooo very glad you took your friends advice about starting a blog. It has added so much I know to my life.
    You are too special and when you take that duct tape off your mouth girl you can spread some stuff on here and my site. hahahahahaha And I love it when you do......
    How far do we live apart? Surely you can stop over sometime....
    Happy 2010 to you Bunny Honey (i like that)
    I love your background too...You make me feel guilty I probably will be to lazy or busy to change mine......OH I did get a digital though from my daughter Christi so you guys will get bored when I learn how to figure it out.
    Love you

  4. You already know how much I adore you so I will just say it again..... I ADORE YOU!!!

    I hope this year brings you and your family much love and happiness dear Bun Bun.


  5. Ah Bunny you made me cry. Looking back over the year you've had it really is amazing and I couldn't agree with you more, thank heavens it all happens over time, whew!

    I'm thrilled you started you blog (can't believe it's only been this year 'cause you're a natural) and I count myself SO fortunate to have wandered your way and found you. Hugs♥

    Wishing you a fabulous 2010 dear one!♥

  6. A bit of joy, a bit of cheer, a touch of sadness, even a tear. Wishing you a merry and peaceful new year!!! Thanks for sharing ~ Angela

  7. Bunny: You were my Christmas gift this year! Here is to next year! Lots of love, Martha

  8. Ay Bunny! You have had quite a year ... but thank God, all is well. Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and thanks to Marie - she's the one who got me started as well. Bunny, I THOUGHT YOU LOOKED THINNER!!!! 37 pounds! That's fantastic. I GOTTA drop some pounds ... but I saw that ALLLLLLL THE TIME! I think this Xmas season I prolley put on at least 7 lbs - UGH.
    XXXOOO here's to 2010!!!!!

  9. Oh dearest Bunny....I can feel your laughter and tears across the internet waves! You are a special gal, you always have been. What a wonderful life...Anita

  10. Bun,
    You really have had a crazy year, haven't you. Thank God they can't remove too many body parts at once, who knows what would come out next and why the heck is it us women who have to go through it all. It just ain't right!

    I'm not only glad you started blogging, I'm ecstatic that you jumped on board with Facebook too. I knew it would be a good place for us to keep up, and haven't we?! The years go by far too quickly for us to lose touch for months on end and both venue's have offered us an opportunity to keep in touch without staying on the phone for hours on end, even though we have done some of that too.

    I pray blessing on You, Eric, Raquel, Mere and the kids. I know you already know this but you are my friend and my family. We've shared so many wonderful times together and I'd wager a few tears too. But all the smiles, crazy laughter and tears have only proven that we're here for each other come what may.

    All my love and blessing for a wonderful New Year!

  11. What a great post Bunny! You have been through a lot this year girlfriend! Wow, you are one strong lady. I love the new background, it looks so festive!

    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my divorce post. I agree with you that you really get to see that we all share so much, without even knowing each other. I'm so happy for you that you got out of that situation and have been in a good one for 18 years! Leaving that jerk was the best thing I've ever done!

    Hope you are having a great week, and are looking forward to a fantastic 2010. Kori xoxo

  12. Yes I believe too that if we lived closer we would be the best of friends. I can tell you are my type.....we would probably try to party like we used to but talking about it is enough for!
    And yes my body is going through all kinds of changes. Don't even start about night sweats.
    I will have my first colonoscopy sometimes in jan. I have to make the appointment first. I keep putting it off. Not looking forward to this at all. Oh well wish me luck.
    I can not believe you lost so much weight! I really really need to change our eating habits but my husband is not cooperating.
    You will have to share how you did it.
    I'm on facebook too.... we need to become friends.

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  14. Hi Bunny,
    found your lovely blog thru Anita's and I'm so happy I've found you. You're smart, hilarious, creative, amazing. love your post. You have accomplished a great deal in your first year of blogging and gone thru a lot as well. congrats for being the wonderful person I see here you are and that is being so beautifully expressed by all your bloggy friends.
    have a most blessed 2010 filled with much love, healh and inspiration.

  15. Just a quick note to the Lady of the blog: I make only life long friends, you are stuck! I AM JUST SAYING... Love you, Martha

  16. What a wonderful, funny, touching and life-affirming post!

    Bunny you write so well and you have a fabulous take on life - you're an inspiration!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2010 xxx


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