Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New temporary family member....

Yes it's true, we have a new 5 month old in our family...a heifer by the name of Rogue. Raquel is at it again with her school's farm project, except that instead of starting with a lamb in the Spring, she is starting with a heifer now until she sell her at auction in July. And, when Spring does come around, she will acquire a lamb for the same auction...two animals this year.

For all you city folk, a heifer is a young cow and by the end of the school year she will weight roughly 1,300 lbs. Now, Raquel is use to riding horses which also weight that amount but the difference is on a horse you are on top of them riding and controlling at the same time. With a cow you are side by side trying to train them for show. Not easy when 1,300 lbs doesn't want to move or do what you want her to do. I have no doubt that Raquel will do well as she is obsesses with animals and has a good head on her shoulders. She's already taken her Christmas pictures with Rogue.

So Merry Christmas and Happy MOOOO Year from our animals to your!


  1. What a beautiful heifer. So great to see your daughter has such an interest in animals. Cows have such beautiful, loving eyes. Dear Bunny -- I wish my life was exotic and exciting. It is anything but! Hope your toe is better. Best wishes, :) Tammy

  2. Oh I really miss my farm animals. I raised a heifer when young too. Not for show though. We kept her to raise more babies. If I still live on a farm I would have one of every animal:)
    Love the santa hat! Cute!

  3. Great picture of Raquel and the little heifer too, and what a wonderful project. Karina loves animals too. She's love it if they had projects like that at her school.

    Did you get my text?



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