Tuesday, December 8, 2009

$ For Gold...

The other day I went to a $ for Gold party. I was a little skeptical because first of all, I didn't believe it was worth it...at least to me. I have lots of jewelry but for some reason I hardly wear it. I hardly wear my wedding ring but when I took a peak into my stash of stuff I realized that there were some pieces that I haven't worn in roughly 30 years...Yeah! a long time. So I started picking out pieces that I either never liked or don't like anymore...you know, that old cheesey outdated gold necklace, that old lady brooch that I never liked and of course that ever popular, ex husband wedding band..yikes...didn't even know I still had that. Anyways, I put all the above and a couple of more pieces in a baggie and set off to the party.

When I arrived there were many women in deep conversation about the same things I was hesitant about AND they all had baggies too...that was a hoot! We all talked about getting rid of some stuff and how we thought that what we brought was either fake or not worth much...boy were we wrong. The company that offers these parties was set up in another room with a gaggle of equipment including a table with lamps, magnifiers, assorted liquids and paperwork. Behind the table sat 2 youngish gentlemen with a prospective client on the other side.

During my conversation with my friends, it would be interupted by shouts of "OH MY GOSH" and "ARE YOU KIDDING?" coming from the other room which frankly just peeked our curiosity. Finally I ventured into the room and watch as these 2 men worked they're magic. The lady that was sitting at the table was telling these two guys how sorry she was for bringing worthless stuff and the story behind certain pieces. I stood there patiently waiting till it was tallied ....waiting, waiting....$260.00. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather...WOW! I watched person after person leave that table in either shock or joy after recieving the news that they had gain riches from bad jewelry. One lady left over $500.00 richer.

My turn....I go into my schpeel like everyone else.."I don't think this is real", "This is crap" and again the ever popular, "My ex's ring...I know it's worthless" and lo and behold...wait for it.....

...a whopping $162.00 Yipee!!!!

Later when I came home I told Eric..."Looks like your getting a Christmas Gift this year"...his response, "You didn't sell anything I gave you...right?"...nope, just the ever popular ex's.


  1. How cool is that! Money for old jewelry. Wow! Well, now I know you have lunch money! LOL! Love this new look on your blog. You are so cleaver. I am doing ok. Taking it one day at a time and just thanking God for His peace. Remember, I love you, Martha

  2. Bun-Bun~
    I have seen these parties advertised on TV but wondered if they were all they were cracked up to be so now I know they are :)

    What are you going buy with your new stash?

    Thank you sweetie for putting my new Giveaway on your Blog!

    I pink puffy heart you Bun-Bun :)


  3. I have heard so many people talk about these parites and what a great time to do it! Everyone could use some extra cash around this time of the year.

  4. I've heard of these parties. Glad to know they are legit and that you were able to come away with something. I still have my engagement ring from the first go round. I need to go someplace with it and do something profitable. No sense in keeping it after all these years. I love your new blog look -- changed yet again! And to answer your question, I did not cross-stitch the linen towels, but I certainly could have. In fact, there are so many things I could do and I'm just not getting to them all. Hope you are having a great day. :) Tammy

  5. Wow I never heard of these parties and you are so funny. I love the way you tell us your stories. Zeez I am going to have to find the ex's stuff myself and find a party. lol
    I was so happy to see that you came by and saw my new cowhand. Honestly I was waiting for you to comment on him. hahahahha
    Hey you got a new picture with the duck tape. Didn't you or am I loosing it

  6. HEy Bunny!!! I wrote you this long comment from my work computer and it ate it up! Goes to show you I am not supposed to be blogging at work!!! What a cool party! To walk away with some cold, hard cash, that is alright!!! Your blog looks fabulous and like always, your wit just charms the whole place...thanks for visiting and taking a Christmas tour of my favorite places! And Merry Christmas to you in German! (I forgot how to say it....) BONNE FÊTE et JOYEUX NÖEL!!! Anita

  7. Hey Bunny,
    I've heard of these parties too, but I'm always a little skeptical, and wonder if I would get more money by taking the gold to a local jewelry mart. Thanks for the sweet comments on my Vegas post honey. I always love hearing your feedback! Kori xoxo

  8. That is seriously cool! I need to hightail it to one of those parties around here, now to find one!
    Mama needs a new pair of shoes, LOL!

  9. Sounds like fun, but I'm still the skeptic as well. Gold is supposed to be out of the roof and a really good investment. Crazy is'nt it. Glad you were able to make some money off the old stuff you really did not want.

  10. Bunny, thanks for visiting me today. So glad to find your fun blog! And what a fun gold story. Who knew!?! I'll be back to see what you are up to next. Thanks for sidebarring my little giveaway and for playing along! ~ Angela

  11. Hey Bunny,
    I forgot to tell you yesterday that I love the new layout! So festive! Thanks for the sweet comments on my Mockingbird post today. I just realized that it's one of your favorite films on your profile! Such a great novel and film. A true classic! Hope you have a great day honey. Kori xoxo

  12. Scheduled my party for December 19th, 1 - 3. Put it on your calendar and look for some more of that "cheap, no good stuff", who knows, you could make more.



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