Thursday, December 17, 2009

Welcoming Christmas

Let the glow of the winter lantern show you the way

Past the snow flakes and snow drifts

on this special day. I will entice you with gifts

and whimsy if you may

and perhaps a Santa or two on this Christmas day.

Angels take flight and watch over us all

while the spirit of Christ who's name we now call

The villagers await with fever and wonder

while the house is quiet and silent with slumber

St Nick will arrive with his reindeer in tow

gliding and alighting and traipsing through snow

So we all gather 'round and experience the bliss

but be careful, look up, you could get a kiss

...and with each passing moment in which we hold near ~ our wonderful family and friends we hold dear ~ And through it all we manage to gather round today to bring you love and respect and come what may ~ I cherish you all who come from blogland ~ You've have made my life so sweet and that much more grand.

From our house to yours, may the Holiday Season bring only happiness and joy to you and your loved ones.


  1. Holy cow Bunny, that was beautiful, and your picture....your husband is darling, your daughter is just gorgeous (she has your smile) and you look MARVELOUS!!! DID YOU WRITE THAT POEM????? What a fantastic, stupendous, incredible piece of writing! The header is TDF too. Happy DAY!!! Anita

  2. Your post is coming across in a weird language of symbols I can't understand. I love all the photos and that last family photo is absolutely fun and adorable! I LOVE IT! I can tell you and I like the same colors for decorating. Blessings to you and yours, Tammy

  3. Such a cute picture! Raquel looks great without her braces. Money well spent!

  4. hey! i got a lot of funny symbols too!?? Great picture Bun. Raquel is BEAYOOTIFUL!

  5. I GOT IT! I was looking at Raquel and she looks like JESSICA ALBA!!! i knew she reminded me of someone!

  6. Oh Bunny this is wonderful!! I love your Christmas blog card - it's beautiful and the family photo is fabulous!!♥

  7. Your Christmas decor is awesome. The blue and silver look great! My favorite's the vintage sign and the pic of your family...I love the hats!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good call about Hubby! He's actually an electronics engineering technician. But he's very precise and meticulous about most things. It's really funny to watch him cook or bake from a recipe! Happy Holidays! ~Lisa

  8. I am on a different computer at home and still can't read your post. I don't know what the deal is. Still just see symbols where I assume you have text. Strange! There's another blog I visit that now has the Photobucket upgrade logo all across the screen so on this side, the blog is all messed up. I am sure it isn't happening to others viewing, or they would say something. So why only me? I don't get it! Anyways, I still love all the photos and your decorating and that family picture is adorable! Have a great weekend and holiday! :) TAmmy

  9. OK BUNNY what is going on I am like Tammy I can not read half of this.....are you doing this to me on purpose to make me think I really have lost it or what......All I am seeing is symbols but I do see your beautiful pictures and I love the one of you and family. Bunny you did not tell us you were beautiful just like your daughter.
    Let me know if I need a new computer

  10. I love the family pic....Eric is handsome, your sweet girl is just as lovely as her Mother :)

    I pink puffy heart you Bun-Bun,

  11. I can see it all, I can read it all. It's beautiful and Raquel looks gorgeous. You can tell her I said so.

    Great blog, Bun.


  12. Hey Bunny! Thanks for coming to my opulent French are so kind to leave such positive comments. I just love visiting with everyone and spreading cheer and getting it! You asked where I get my pictures...I just Google and go to large pictures. I have a certain look I aim for, in fact, I wish I could take better photos myself. My sister-in-law Nancy from Fete et Fleur is the best photographer. You ought to visit her...her photos are all hers and they are DD gorgeous. And yes, chandeliers are fun. I have one in my kitchen!!! It is Italian with burnished gold and crystals. It really does go well in my cottage kitchen. I hope you are feeling good these days! The countdown is on for the festivities and I hope you enjoy every moment. Take care now, Anita

  13. GREAT pic of you guys! I love the hat. Eric looks strangely good in pigtails. LOL

  14. I adore the caps. You guys look so cute.
    I've enjoyed blogging with you too. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.


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