Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Santa

I don't want to over indulge this Christmas although I can and have in the past, I can easily pack on 5lb with just one rotation around the buffet table

and I'm sure I can eat 1/2 my weight in tuna... although I'll leave the catnip for Ginger

I've been known to have a little drink or 3 but I'm sure you have too. I mean...seriously...all those elves...they'd drive me to drink too!

When Christmas is over I have a big chore ahead of me putting things away and schlepping boxes and it's not like your gonna give me a hand...I know your tired and all

but please Santa I just want one thing this year under my tree

that's all...I'm just sayin'


  1. Bunny dearest! Again, a bright, witty and fun post. How I love coming to see you! Hey, is that last photo your kitchen or your dream kitchen? I know that you had been remodeling; it is gorgeous! You like green like me, I believe. Well, the magical hour is approaching and I wish you a fun and unforgettable week!!! Anita

  2. I'm guessing you want a kitchen makeover? I wish someone would come organize and clean for me. Ugh! I did a lot on Sunday but have put the rest off for now. Other things I want to do. Holidays are for relaxing, not cleaning. I asked "Santa" for a new printer with scanner as I've never had one. We have an old HP that still prints but give us problems. Hope you are having a great day. Holiday blessings : Tammy

  3. You want a new kitchen under your tree? Wow, that's a tough fit... I mean all those supplies not to mention the team of strapping workmen, but hey... if anyone can do it... Santa can! ;-)
    Here's hoping ALL your Christmas wishes come true dear one!

  4. oh girl you and me both. Remodling the kitchen is very high on my list this coming year. We will see. hhmmmph!
    Very cute post sweetie.
    Merry Christmas

  5. Bunny: I hope your get all your hearts desires this Christmas Day. Remember you are love. Martha

  6. A new kitchen? I reckon that's not too much to ask! Have a merry Christmas, Bunny! ~ Angela

  7. Oooooooooo, you look pretty in your new pink Blog dress!!

    We are getting ready to gut our kitchen after Christmas and although it needs it, I am NOT looking forward to the mess!


  8. A brand new kitchen? Hope you get it! And re the food - my jeans are already tight, and we haven't even got there yet! It's so easy to put the weight on... and so hard to get it off again... I'm seriously thinking of throwing in the towel and just buying a larger size.

    After Christmas, when things look so drab - is when I'm tackling redocorating our living room.

    Happy Christmas!

  9. LOVE IT! Adorable kitchen Bun. LOVE your new backgroun. I've been thinking of changing mine ... maybe after the new year. HEY - When are we going to have lunch? Me, you and Bedge?

  10. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  11. I hope you get what you want for Christmas! I hear you about eating too much. It's not even Christmas yet, and I'll swear I've already put on several pounds!

  12. Hey Bunny! Long time no chat? I love that kitchen, how adorable! I hope you get it! You deserve it darling. Thanks for visiting today and the touching comments on my poem post. I hope you and your sweetie have a very Merry Christmas friend. Kori xoxo


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