Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eye of the beholder

The other day I dragged out the old sewing machine. I was on a mission to finish up a couple of things I had started by hand. Got everything together and noticed no thread in the sewing machine ..,.only the white bobbin thread. I needed blue thread so I did what I had to do to put blue thread on a new bobbin and then placed it back in it's bobbin place. I then proceeded to thread the machine...across, down, looped around, back up, through a hole thingy and back down through the eye of the needle...except I couldn't see the hole. Yes, I do wear reading glasses but sometimes I'm in denial or I'm just too focused on what I gotta do, so needless to say, I had to go get some...(I have 5 pairs in the house) and sat back down to thread the needle. I still couldn't see it. I turned on the dining room light and the light on the machine but aim was not good. I came in on the right, the left, straight on, I cut the thread, I wet the thread, cut, wet, cut, wet...but NOOO, it wasn't happening. I wanted to cry out of frustration but I didn't want the machine to see me cry...yes, by this time I'm practically hallucinating and I believe my machine has it out for me. I am determined. I haven't stitched a thing yet and I have been sitting here for more than 30 minutes. Then I remembered Eric has a big magnify glass thing in the garage in one of the big red tool cabinets and I am seeing light at the end of this tunnel. I go get it and with grand confidence I aim it at the needle...Perfect!, I could actually see the needle....without a hole....WHAT? Where did it go? Then it hit me...last time I sparred with this thing, I broke a needle and being so pissed, I ended our relationship. This whole time I was trying to thread a needle without a hole. The moral of this story...well I guess there are several..
Machinery will always win, get your eyes checked on a regular basis and stock up on Ginkgo biloba ...I'm just sayin'

no hole


  1. Oh's a happenin' to us dearest. I am going blind, I swear. Not only do I need bifocals, my eyes are acting rather strange lately. They are dry, they weep, and they just don't have the luster that they had even 2 months ago. I will be 52 next month and I guess this is it...the eyes must be the first to show the signs. BUT! My mind is becoming more creative than ever, and I can still out-dance anyone, I can run and not become weary....there are some good things going on! And thread a needle?HA! I don't even go near the things anymore!


  2. I could picture myself doing that too...and breaking down crying. Than laughing my ass off when I realized what was happening, LOL..

    I had to share again,,since you ARE telling me to say it

    I was talking about you AGAIN girl. To another woman now..about your chocolate picture rabbits at the top..I laughed hysterically telling her about it,,LOL

  3. Bunny I did the same thing once, exactly the same thing with the magnifying glass and all and it turned out the needle was broken.
    I've been on mission to find self threading needles (never seen them but someone told me they existed).
    What are you sewing?
    Love your post.

  4. LMAO! How many times have I done something like this...usually spending an hour looking for sunglasses, only to realize they are on top of my head...
    Hate sewing, but once in a while, ya machine (several years ago) was sent in for cleaning and reconditioning...very expensive..haven't used it since..did i mention I hate sewing?

  5. Funny monkey bunny! I was thinking as reading that the needle must not have had a hole. I'm on your side, girl. I'm sure the machine chuckle and chuckled at you! So, what did you finally make? Or did you just have to walk away from it all... ~ Angela

  6. Loved that post!!! So funny, but at the same time annoyingly true!!! I hope you giggled when you realised the needle didn't have a hole!!!!

  7. I can just seee this whole scene! I love the photo of you with the bunny ears! I so wish I was out there in California visiting. Hope you have a great week. Charlene

  8. Good Morning Bunny Sweetie...
    Thanks to Anita I am your newest follower. I love your blog home. Oh such beautiful things you have shared.

    First I can just see you trying to thread that stinkin needle, as I have been there, done that, and laughed at myself to. I bought one of those magnifying glasses at Wal-Mart in the sewing department, that you were around your neck, it does the trick, I can just hold it up there whenever I need it. Sometimes I take it shopping, wearing it looks like a piece of jewelry and then I can read price tags and ingredients that sometimes I need assistance with.

    Now your bird is just the sweetest thing ever, and does she every sing "Spring". Oh my gosh I love the way you painted her. The crackling was just the best touch of all allowing the little purple to show through. I love it.

    Your blog home is so welcoming and happy. I love it. Please stop by and say hi. I would be so honored if you decided to follow my blog as well.

    I also have a hang tag recipe for staining tags. Mine has coffee and vanilla for flavoring. Let me know if you would like me to share. Love the button you chose for your sunglasses. What did we ever do without buttons? I pick them up from everywhere.

    Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  9. Aw bless you but this did make me laugh, sounds just like the sort of thing I do! Those machines are all out to get us, it's a conspiracy, I tell you!!

    Another moral - before assuming you're an abject failure, make sure your had some chance of success in the first place! ;)

  10. I try to always have my reading glasses on top of my head... somtimes two pairs just for good measure! And I will still go around the house looking for them!

    I used to think that I got confused without them. Not knowing why I couldn't understand what I was reading (like it was a foreign language). But now I think I'm just plain confused...

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  11. I mentioned your blog today on my post. ((hugs)) It's near the bottom of the post.Hope you have a great day!

  12. Good story! It's heck getting! I never thought this day would come, but here we are. I've done the same thing.
    And yes sometimes I want to throw out my sewing machine. It has a mind of it's own.
    good advice too.
    Have a great week and Easter!

  13. thank goodness it's not just me :-)


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