Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome....kiss kiss~

Dahlings...kiss, kiss

Sunday evening we had a maaavelous time at our own little Oscar Party. Anybody who is or was somebody was here. All the ladies were dolled up and blinged to the nines..just dripping with diamonds and Hollywood flair.

Sandie rolled up in her limo looking like she owned the town. As you all know, back in her hey day, she was considered "America's Girl Next Door"...until that fake Clara Bow came on the scene. How did we know that talkies would take off and Sandie's squeaky voice was not in vogue.
After serving her time for assaulting poor Clara (she had it coming) we are proud to say, that Sandie is doing well and working animation voice control for Disney...Good to see ya ol' Gal!

OH LOOK! It's Marsha! Ya know, she is a multi millionaire now. Who knew that by her ex hubby recording a tryst between her and her new squeeze would pay off. Remember...?
Marsha? John?, Marsha?? John??, MARSHA! JOHN!, mmmMarssshhaa mmmJohnnn
Those T-shirts and mugs really paid off for her...(and her ex) You look Divine!

Uh come trouble. It's Cyn, or should we say Sin? Hollywood's notorious bad girl. Cynthia has seen more black and white than a tour guide on Safari. Give her a couple of drinks and she's the life of the party. It's amazing how well she's held up due to all the stunt work she started after retirement...She's one tough cookie!

Marie...bless her heart. It was so good to see her after all these years. Although she's had a hard time remembering what year this was, she was the best understudy for Natalie Wood in the Broadway Production of "Westside Story" even though Natalie never took to feeling ill, but we know that Marie is chuck full of talent. Which is why we not surprised at commercial time when she jumped up and entertained us with a spiffy rendition of "I feel pretty"...Two thumbs up Marie.

...and me you ask. Well Dahlings, I retired many years ago from show biz where I was the Queen of Magic. My act was see...a bunny, pulling people out of a hat. Dahlings, people couldn't get enough of me. And now, well now I own and operate a retirement home for mature and dazzling Starlets out in the valley. It's called "Don't let the Sun Set on you for Mature Starlets who still got it Leisure
and Retirement Home"....and Dahlings, business is booming.

As you can see, the paparazzi was here and we all looked divine... and every show biz gal knows that any coverage is good coverage right? We all had a mahlevous time schmoozing and chatting up old friends and colleagues. We had a few out bursts and a couple of ruckuses but we carried on till the wee hour of 10. No one does it up like us and they don't make "em like these gals anymore. So tootles for now and maybe you'll see us in the funny papers...kiss kiss


  1. Bunny, got you comment. YEAH! BORING! I shoulda gone to your place and hung out, laughed and drank. I usually am so into it but this year was anti-climatic. Didn't like Sandra's lipstick. It was all wrong. Let's see what happens next year! Your party looked like tons of fun and I'm sorry I MISSED IT!



    ciao bella

  3. Oh Bunny, this was FABULOUS! YOU ARE SO CREATIVE! This was so fun and to see my cousin and all the other ladies I remember you going to school with was such fun. All of you looked stunning in your gear for Oscar night!! BRAVO TO YOU ALL! Thanks for coming to my anniversary party!

    Love ya, Anita

  4. Had fun, overate and laughed by tusch off.....okay, maybe a negative on that last one because it's still there, but I did have a great time. Thanks for being the hostess with the mosttess. Sure could go for one of those brownie cookies about now.....

  5. Bunny it looked like you girls were having WAY TOO much fun. All Diva'd up you were.

    Thanks for the sweet comments about my bling. ADORN ME was wonderful. Gosh I could have worn my BLING to your party if it wasn't so FARRRRRRRRRRRRRR from here. Have a great week.

  6. Bunny: I hope you got autographs! Too much fun! Blessings, Martha

  7. Hey girl! You are such a goober! What a fantastically fun time this must have been. I changed my blog up when we returned from Sri Lanka and at one point realized it was similar to your's colorwise --but your stripes were vertical and mine are horizontal. Of coure, now I see your changed up your background agan to a more softer look. I always make my header first and then have to find a background to match. Not always easy! Hope you are having a fabulous day! Many blessings, Tammy

  8. Hi Bunny, my boyfriend Gerard Butler and I had a great time at the Oscars but it looks like your group had all the fun! Can we join you next year?

    Thanks for stopping by the ol' blog. Has the weather been behaving where you're at? What I would give for a nice sunny warm day. Remind me I said this when I start complaining it's too hot this summer!

    Cheers! Bonnie

  9. Gawd you're adorable! And amidst the sparkles and glam I just couldn't help but notice the background wall, nice texture paint job. ;-)


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