Sunday, March 21, 2010

My button fix

I've seen these all over the place on peoples blogs and I really liked them so again I thought...I can do that. My twist on it, is that I used my buttons. Very easy...

First, buy shipping or luggage tags which are very inexpensive~
I dyed them in hot tea and baked them for about 10 minutes to give them that worn look~
Stamped them~
then embellished with buttons and ribbon~

click on pic to get a closer look and if you want details on how to do this, just send me an email right here on my sidebar....then....

I had to snazz up a candle a little so I threaded a few vintage buttons and tied it to the top edge of it

then...I lost one of the Coach emblems on the side temple of my favorite sunglasses...

the side with the emblem and the side without.
The frame is discontinued
and so are all the parts. So I decided to take out the remaining emblem and replace it with...yep,
you got it....

some buttons. But hmmm, which ones should I choose?

I sniped off the loop on the back of the button and then filed it down to make it smooth, then hot glued it in place...

Here you go...Super Optician Crafty Cheap Bunny to the rescue!!


  1. NICE JOB BUNNY!!!! Where do you get the shipping tags? How much tea? How long do you bake?

    Please, DO TELL! Anita

  2. Fabulous tags!!! Just came across from Maggie! Loving you blog :)

  3. The tags are amazing!! You clever, clever girl!!!

  4. the tags are beautiful and what an amazing idea for the candles and sunglasses..WOW

  5. I love the new colors, background and header of your blog. So very pretty! Of course, the chocolate bunny cartoon in your sidebar cracks me up. Your tags turned out great. I haven't tried the tea dying yet. Love how you glammed up your sunglasses. Buttons are the perfect embellishment for almost anything. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  6. You are bedazzling without the Bedazzler. Or is that Bunnydazzling?

  7. Nice tags, bunrab! LOL I would have pried out the remaining 'Coach' thingy, and just left holes or whatever...great rehab!

  8. I cna't believe you even took tha time to dye the tags with tea!! You are good!!! I couldn't even pick a favorite tag they are all so cute! At fist I thought the eiffle & then the cancelled stamp caught my eye! Love 'em! & I do love what you did with that candle...It added so much! If my son wouldn't pull them off the day I did it...I would love to do that..I guess I will have to wait tuntil he is over these terrible twos :)

    It was funny reading your story over at Maggie's! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Fun! You clever Bunny, you! ~ Angela

  10. LOVE your take on those tags, especailly love buttons.

  11. very clever and cute too! I think I will give it a try, I've got TONS of buttons...;p

  12. oh very fun 'em all!
    You are so smart are you to fix up the shades like that???
    Gonna have to remember that.


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