Sunday, March 7, 2010

going to the po po

Ok bloggers...I know what I did to have my blog title go awol from your side bar. When I changed my blog look, I wanted to place the title in a different spot, so I found out I could put it in the "blog description" area, BUT, I had to put something in the "title" area because the prompts told me so, otherwise I was unable to relocate to where I wanted to go.

Sooo, the computer genius that I am put a dot (.) that would blend in with the theme that would give me the new location of my real title and title, on your blog side bar changed from words to that dot....Get it?

I apologize ...this is what happens when you let me loose on a contraption...seriously, sometimes I just jump into stuff not knowing the consequences and now....I'm waiting for the blog police to come and haul me away to the po po. So if you'd like, I suppose you could take it out and put it back on because my title is in the title place...get it again? I'll come to your blogs and check it out when I'm done serving time...I'm just sayin'


  1. I had to do the same thing too, when I was experimenting with my header picture! Everything looks great, Bunny!

    Bisous! Anita

  2. I think everything looks awesome. Now I have to go check it out...I am such a terrible blogger...I probably wouldn't even be able to notice. I adore the rabbits. I made a tag for the Alice Tag Swap and it had the cute rabbit from Alice In Wonderland!

  3. I don't know what you did but it looks AWESOME and well worth whatever mistakes you claim to have made.

  4. Well, I reckon I was none the wiser! Fabulosity reigns at the bunny hutch! ~ Angela


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