Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smell ya later

It seems that the older I get, my smell radar gets picky. Most smells really bother me and I have been know to move over a seat or two or hold my breath just to get away from it. Their not bad odors like stinky stuff, although I would jump hurdles to get away from that, but what most people consider homey, sweet, delicious and wonderful ones. As a kid I never liked the smell of coffee, yep, you read that right and no I'm not an alien life force from some other planet....I just can't stomach the smell let alone the taste and still this day, it makes me gag. And, on top of that, the smell of "new car", "theater popcorn" and "laundry detergent" send me up a wall. Some smells I actually seek out..bread, pumpkin, vanilla, cinnamon..hmmm, I see a pattern here, but my sense of smell has always been rather sharp and it seems it's getting pickier and pickier with age, but then on the other hand...when I'm at the stables, I'm so used to the smell..it doesn't bother me...go figure.

Anyways, this morning I was at the lab getting blood drawn (im fine) and as I was walking out of the double glass doors to leave, a man, nicely dressed, was coming in and held the door open for me. We smiled, I said thank you and he nodded and said your welcome....but he smelled SO good. All of a sudden this aroma hit me, it was subtle and faint and I don't know what the hell it was...but I liked it. Imagine my surprise when the smell of a pure stranger peaked my curiosity. What was he wearing? Who was he wearing? Should I ask? Will he think I'm trying to flirt with him because, I could of very easily...Note: I'm an expert flirt,I know I am. I've been told I flirt when I'm not even trying, so I could of got it outta him but honestly, I was taken by surprise and I was on a mission to get to Michaels, and I'm a fast walker and so by the time this was all in my head I was opening my car door....but man! I honestly loved that smell so much so that I'm blogging about it...not that anyone's interested, but aren't 'there certain smells that just send you over the edge in a good way? I'm just sayin'


  1. I hate nasty niffs myself! Bu for me coffee is a gorgeous smell!! It is difficult if a strange man smell devine - you cant's ask can you??? Pity!!!

  2. I was talking about you yesterday. Actually your butt! Well what type of dog does your butt look like exactly! I was talking on the phone with a girlfriend of mine who is dealing with a lot of medical issues (scares of cancer) and well we got on the topic of cellulite (lol..totally off topic, but that is what her and I do) and you came up..Well we just about peed our pants laughing so hard!

    As for the smelling of a nice man..oh girl...I would have definitely asked him...been there and done it SO many times..than I say..'oh I will have to get that for my husband'..LOL LOL

    and coffee, I do love that smell..hey I'm a caffeine addict I better love that smell.

  3. LOL LOL..I just saw picture of the chocolate rabbits.. Oh girl, I love your sense of humor...LOL....I'm still laughing at I type this out.

  4. ahh yes the smell of a nice man...LMAO..love cinnamon, chocolate, little babies, lavender, roses....you are funny..take care..

  5. girl you are 2 funny, and I'm glad you're just sayin!!

    I love, love, love, love, love, love the smell of fresh brewed coffee! Yup you read that right! lol I think it takes me back to my younger days waking up to that smell of happy coffee time at the kitchen table with my parents....it's a social thing, so it's a happy associated smell for me! I'm just sayin!

    I hate strong rosey scented perfumes and potpurri...hate...strong word for a strong smell!

    the aroma of food cooking and baking, through the roof amazing to me! okay..i could go on and on....aren't ya sorry ya asked? oops..

    ciao bella

    loved your post!

  6. Hmm...maybe 'cuz I'm old and not into giving a good gd what anyone thinks of me, but if a man smells good, oh yeah, I ask...
    The only time they've given me the same answer (twice) it was Canoe, a cologne...and it smelled totally different on each of them, just like good perfume...I gag and my eyes water at hairspray and cheap perfume, but I feel like I'm floating if a man smells wonderful, don't you?

  7. I was once trapped in a van with someone who enjoyed Ciara perfume by Revlon. She was drowning in it and at the end of the day sightseeing and inspecting hotels on Maui I had the worst headache and ended up throwing up. I couldn't even join my traveling companions for dinner,I was miserable and she had a lovely day!

  8. Yup...but I have not smelled too many good man smells lately...lol!
    Must be pheromones!

  9. Hi Bunny: Your blog today is quite funny. Behave yourself. I do think that as we get older our eyes quit and our nose gets better, if you know what I mean? Blessings, Martha

  10. I love the smell of coffee but cant stand the taste. Never cared for a good smellin man but I do luv a good smelling woman. I was always fond of Sand and Sable. I also love the smell of an Italian resturant.

  11. I love smells! I think smell is my favourite sense, I'm a sniffer, I smell people! Babies smell lovely and my James always smells nice :)
    I hate those Christmas air freshners (rotten fruit and spice!) Rank they make me gag!

  12. Ah, I loved this post, too cool! Yes, my hubby smells like choco. chip cookies (unless I'm upset with him & then he smells like farts, lol!). I can totally relate to what you shared though!
    Oh and this sure is your time of year, isn't it?! I was working on some new spring themes and totally thought of you, lol! Coming soon... a choco bunny theme, whoot!

  13. I think anyone who doesn't like the smell and taste of morning coffee is definitely an alien life force. What planet are you from? HA! Your list of good smells is top of my list, too. I can't stand when people put on so much perfume or cologne that they could knock you over. That guys cologne must have been really nice for it to have that impact on you. :) My 14 year old has a nose that picks up on everything and he's very picky when it comes to smells. On the other hand, my 11 year old has warped taste buds that don't allow him to eat healthy food. HA! Sometimes an aroma will come to me that takes me back to my aunt's house in Mississippi oh so long ago. I can't pinpoint what it is but when it hits me, I'm reminded of times past. Have a happy hump day Miss Bunny! :) Tammy

  14. My other half has a very keen sense of smell like you - he hates cheese and can smell it a mile off!

    I'm not as affected though I do really loathe the smell of car air fresheners (make me feel really queasy).

    I LOVE the smell of coffee though, and vanilla, cinammon, ylang ylang and roses. More strangely I also love the small of petrol and tarmac!

  15. Good morning dearest Bunny! I love your new header with my favorite character, Peter Rabbit and this was a hoot of a post. Yes, I am with you; I LOVE VANILLA scent and cinnamon. Coffee, well, I can take it or leave it. But LAVENDER does it for me. It sends my emotions spinning, thinking of France and other peaceful settings.


  16. Well girlfriend you need to teach me how to flirt...I bet you are good at it...
    I love it when a man has a good frangrance on..usually I ask but why I don't know...don't have a man to buy it for...maybe I should spray it on my pillows.
    Girl you have changed up again...I can not keep up with you..if I did this I would loose everything..
    wish you were here this week girl you would just love Warrenton...fourteen miles of junk..and more junk..I only live 10 miles from it...hahaha Love it

  17. Hi, just happened upon your blog and when i read this post i thought you might be interested in my smell/taste experience and the conclusion i came to. It's a legitimate affliction with a name! and it seems that i'm already snapping outta it, as i was able to eat chicken today and that was one of my gag smells....


  18. I lost my sense of smell last year after an illness. Prior to that there were a bunch of smells that I thought I disliked. What I wouldn't give to smell those smells again!


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