Monday, March 29, 2010

Steer this way

ell, I've been to a Horse Show and a Lamb Show but this was my first Cattle Show. Raquel's Heifer, Rogue, was in a local Cattle Show that the students use as a practice run.
The whole week before this show, she would run over to the farm and tend to her little girl by washing her and yes, blow drying her, combing her hair and clipping her. The farm was all a buzz and the students were very intense and focused. All went well and when it was all over everyone sighed with relief and exhaled. The kids had a good time and learned so much. From now on till the Fair (the end of July) it's practice practice and more practice.

Lining up and ready to rock and roll!

Rogue and Raquel with a practically perfect pose

and lining up while being judge...what fun!

For the Market Competition, which means the judges look at muscle and proportions and the physicality of the cattle, she received 7th place.

And for the Showmanship Competition which means how Rogue stands, behaves, hair and all the aesthetics...which includes how Raquel shows her heifer, she received 9th place.

Raquel is one happy cattle camper ~

update...she now has a lamb too and she had to read Animal Farm this weekend...Is it me or has my life turned into one big barnyard bruhaha? I'll have pics of the little lambykins soon.


  1. Well done!! That looked like a lot of fun!

  2. ADORABLE! What a great way to get kids to focus on science without them knowing that they are focusing on SCIENCE!!! I love these 4H projects...take care dearest Bunny! Anita

  3. Congratulations to you and Raquel for a good show. Looks like she had fun.

  4. exciting...Looks like you all had a great weekend together...As I am typing this I'm singing Farmer in the Dell..hi ho the derry e oh!!! lol

  5. Hey Bunny, thanks for visiting me today. Love your beautiful Raquel's photos with the cattle. And congrats on the winnings - you all must be so proud! BTW - have y'all seen the movie "Temple Grandin"? ~ Angela

  6. Oh Bunny Raquel is gorgeous! Congrats to her and way to go Raquel !
    I want to see that infamous pillow AND the apron when you're done.
    My first pillow - I thought was horrible and I have two people email me wanting to buy it.
    You never know.

  7. Hi,
    Any friend of Tammy is a friend of mine. You have a lovely blog. I love to look at cows.. am I silly? Not that I get to often.. I went to a state fair in Florida a while back and just fell in love with those big brown eyed beauties.

  8. Hello Bunny, let me tell you how I really feel about...Peeps! They aren't just for Easter anymore! I LOVE Peeps, really anything with marshmallow but I really love Peeps. I have a friend who has got me Peeps every year for Easter for the past 10 years.

    Love the updated look of the blog. Have a great week, Bonnie

  9. It's wonderful the children have an opportunity to get this kind of experience, it teaches SO much! Congratulations to Raquel on her placements, well done!

  10. I love it Bun. Raquel looks so proud and I'm sure mom was/is.

    I wish they'd had projects like this when we were kids...well, maybe they did, just not in the city.

    Looking forward to the other pictures.

  11. Hi, Bunny,
    I love to see these young people and their animals. They are forming good habits that will last them a life time as they care for their livestock. Good luck to Rogue and Raquel as they compete in July!! Also, Congratulations on her ribbons already won. How sweet to be able to raise a little lamb! Happy Easter week, my friend! Vicki

  12. How fun! My Annie shows her Aunt Tricia's cows every summer & it is just so fun! I love seeing your pictures! Raquel is a cutie! I love how she would run over to wash & blow dry her hair! Too cute! THanks for sharing & bringing back so many good memories!

  13. Hi Bunny: I just had to stop by and wish you and your family a blessed Easter. I am happy for you and your daughter. God is so good to us. Look, He gave me you! Blessings, Martha

  14. Congrats to Raquel and Rogue! What fun! Cows truly are beautiful. I can't wait to see the little lamb. You changed your blog up again Miss Bunny! I can't keep up with you. Have a wonderful Wednesday! Blessings, Tammy

  15. Tell Raquel congratulations! Great job. I know she works hard and deserves it. So do you.


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