Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Stuff

On my way to Meredith's house I came upon an Estate Sale. I didn't think I would find anything being that it was the second day of the sale. Oh what the heck I figured, I'll stop'll only take me a few minutes.

They didn't have much and everything was pretty much picked over...but, going through everything I spied these...

A cute little red polka dot frame that would go perfect in my kitchen. I am obsesses with red polka dots. And this silver looking tray. I hadn't a clue as to what kind of tray this was but I was drawn to it and it looked old to me. It's a pretty decent size and it has very delicate flowers engraved on the inside surface. The back surface looks like it was hammered and filled with hammer head sized indentions all over it.

So I came home and took a better look at the tray and on the underside it has "Everlast...something" engraved. Turns out it's Aluminum and quite popular in the 30's and 40's. People couldn't afford Silver at this time so the country turned to Aluminum. This company was started by Russian Immigrants in 1932. It's worth according to the least $25.00.

I payed $2.00 for it and .50cents for the frame....pretty good for running in and out in 15 minutes.....I'm just sayin'


  1. What great finds! I can't wait for spring here when people start pulling out all their junk so I can rummage through!


  2. you definitely have a knack for finding things ... if i were looking for antiquish finds i'd probably bring my purchases home and find out they're just JUNK. P.S. love the new look, LOVE LOVE LOVE your music. And thanks for the comments on my last post about those two morons yapping in my ear! UGH ... i'm with you girl. If i carried a gun I'd have been locked up LOOOOOOONG AGO!


  3. Hi Bunny: That Aluminum tray is very nice. A lot of people collect that kind of thing. I have a plate frame that is hand hammered aluminum. It is very nice. Did you do something to your blog address? I had you on my side bar and you disappeared. Is it me or you? Love your new look! Blessings, Martha

  4. WOW you are good. I would have jumped on those too.!!! I gave Zacky an extra hug from you. Thank you for caring so much.
    Your friend.

  5. Hey, aluminum can be quite beautiful.

    If you've never visited Bill at Affordable Accutoutrements you can use this link: If the link doesn't work, just look at his Aug 19, 2009 post.
    He has fantastic tablesettings every Thursday.

    About HomeGoods... I just got back from there! I was just going to get dog food when my car turned on it's own... taking me to the next town 15 miles away. It finally stopped at HomeGoods!

    Funny how those thing happen, huh?!

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  6. What great little finds! So wonderful when you find that something you thought wasn't much of anything actually turns out to have some history behind. Interesting and you got it at a steal. Love the little polka-dated frame too. Have a great day! :) Tammy

  7. I just read Martha's comment -- you used to be in my sidebar under the I's and now you are way up at the top with just a little blip as your blog name. Something is definitely up -- but it's been like that for a couple of weeks now. I'm just say'n! :)

  8. Yea! Great finds! I have not gone to an estate sale or garage sale in soooo long. I'm kinda of itching to go now.
    Did you ever make the apron?
    Do let us see it if you did and I want to see the tote if you end up making one too.

  9. Hello Bunny! Thank you for your comment today - just the nicest thing ever! Even nicer than finding the impromptu sale along your journey. Really! ~ Angela

  10. Hi Bunny,
    I'm getting caught on blog visiting. I'm glad you put "Follow this blog" thingy. I was one of those who asked you to do that. So I'm in. I love the look of your blog. The banner pic is perfect with your blog title. Spring is only about a month or so away, so Anita and I are definitely looking forward to yard sale hopping and antiquing on warm sunny days.

  11. You have done again Bunny...I am jealous of you always getting the
    Your comment on my last post cracked me up...I'm Just Sayin your too crazy girlfriend.
    Love red polka dots too

  12. OMG Bunny! You won't believe it but I have a tray by the same company except the design on mine is bamboo and the handles look like bamboo too. I love it. And guess what; I think my dad picked it up during the time he was working for the temple. I don't know if you remember how people used to give him stuff all the time but it came home and since I seem to do the most entertaining, I ended up with it. Great find!


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