Friday, March 19, 2010

sPRiNg hAs SpRunG

I know it's sPrINg...How do i know?

My lAvEnDEr has bloomed...

...and my pINk JaSmInE little pUrPLe DaIsIes...

and my favorite, CaLLa LiLiEs

...I'm just sayin'


  1. Gorgeous! And you changed your blog up again. so pretty! Dust has arrived here. Zack had a 9 am game and let's just say I have dust in every nook and cranny of the old bod. Ugh! I'm ready for a nice, long shower. Hope you are having a beautiful day! Tammy

  2. YEAH! We are having an unusually early spring feel here, but we have to be real and expect snow sometime before spring really arrives chez nous!

    LOVELY BUNNIE!!!!!! Anita

  3. Beautiful photos - and what an amazing garden you have! I love lilies too, and that jasmine is stunning - I adore the smell of jasmine :)

  4. Oh forgot to mention, I've tagged you on my blog - come and see when you get a minute :)

  5. Your garden is lovely. You must be a bit further south than me because we dont have as much color here yet. The red haze of budding trees and daffodils are the main sign of spring. And oh yea, The cats mating and screaming outside the window.

  6. Up here north of the 49th, even on the sunny West Coast, it's a bit cooler, obviously, since my lavender is still green...but have had tulips since February, the cherry trees are going insane, as usual, in March, and my chives are knee high-and all this on a balcony...
    Thanks for your kind words, nice to know I'm not just howling in the wilderness sometimes♥

  7. LOVE the calla lillys, and the daisys and the lavendar - lucky girl to have so many prettys to look at all spring long.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh Bunny I am missing California sooooooooooooooo badly! I am hooked but, there is no money to fly out right now. I had thought of jumping on a flight to be in a class at Diana Frey's in April but, just can't right now. Those calla lillies made me just think of the ones I saw in Cambria. Where do you live in California? I would love to come out & see all my Cali. Blogging buddies. I have made so many out there. Sigh!!!!!!!!!! I guess I'll just go back & look at photos. Have a wonderful weekend. HUGS! Charlene

  9. Where did you get your image of the girl in the crown? I LOVE HER! If I do my crown event could I borrow her? Charlene

  10. Dearest Bunny,
    Thanks for visiting my glitter blog! Those shoes, aren't they awesome? Are you a shoe-lover too? What woman isn't!!!

    Have a grand weekend, Anita

  11. Oh you lucky dog. Your flowers are beautiful! I'm not anywhere near this. I have so much yard work to do before I can start planting.
    Like staining my back porch.


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