Friday, August 21, 2009

word verification

darsh, nestesor, doiduc, nujhbis, fialisyn, turched,slabosi, whashato, slatso...
What? You don't know these words, these words that are probably used daily about a millions times. These are some of the words that I've come across to make comments on peoples blogs.
You know, the word that is supposedly secret and only a human can key in on a computer to gain entry to a sight that is private or one that contains precious info. It is called "word verification" and I looked it up because after months of typing them in like the robot droid that I am, I suddenly had to know how it worked...I doesn't take a house to fall on me, as my grandma use to say.

Purpose: When you enter this word, it ensures that your results are being displayed to a real person, as opposed to a machine that is collecting information for illegal purposes.

Being the real person that I am, I can totally type in the magic word and still make off with your goods so I'm not quite convince that this is a for real security technique. I bet that someone working out in the silicone valley came up with this one and at the time it was a good idea, but people rip people off on the www all the time using the magic word or not. I'm sure that guy is a multi millionaire by now and is on to bigger and better projects.

For instance, inventing a machine, device or chip that can duplicate a group of letters arranged in such a way that would let some stranger, preferably a criminal or someone out to rip off your recipes and pics of your pets,(which in my eyes are criminal acts too) gain entry to someone's blog. And while I'm on a roll with ideas, how about this one? While Eric and I were at the beach one day, I came up with "The Beach Rover" which is basically an ice chest that has big monster tires and is used by remote control, so you don't have to lug it from your car through the sand dunes down to the shoreline. In fact, I'll go ahead and enter this blog entry for just a few days, but after that, I'm gonna delete it. I'm not giving anyone any ideas....I'm just say'n

ps. I wrote this post while under xanax...sorry if it doesn't make sense or...if it's better than most...I'm totally responsible.


  1. Yeah, those words are winners. I figured they're real words reconfigured to wound as dumb as they do and then I decided not to think about it any more because either way, I'm gonna have to type them.

    Hey, speaking of beaches, we never did make it, did we?

  2. I love visiting your blog and reading what you share - always so enjoyable and leaves me with a smile! Oh and while I'm discussing your blog - love the theme!

    Anyhoo, you're right on all accounts, we just watched something on the guy who invented the word verification (actually two guys) and he's now using it to decipher words from old books that couldn't be read otherwise - don't' ask me how. And.. this is probably more info than you wanted to hear.
    Enjoy your weekend! ♥Sharon

  3. Bunny you are a girl after my own heart!!!! I hate that word verification thing!!!! What an irritant it is! And the son-in-law/daughter-in-law delima oh could we go on forever girlfriend. I think we should become good Blogland buddies! LuLu has sooooo much to learn :0 But, let's not rain on her parade. Maybe she will be one of the lucky ones! I LOVE ORANGE, CA. I want to come back again. I have been there a few times but, need to visit again. I have fallen in love with California (coast) & hope to be able to summer there soon. I have been twice last year & made some friends (from classes I took) so when I took "honey" there was motive. You know how we girls are. Hee Hee. I am looking for wonderful Beach/Ocean images. I noticed you had a number of them on your blog (your banner & sidebar. Would you help me find some. I am doing differnt projects with Beach & or Mermads as the theme... If you see my last Met Monday post about my friends trailer that is kind of where I want to go with the beachy theme. Sorry I have prattled on so. Stop by again. Have a great weekend.

  4. Bonjour Bunny! Witty post, Xanax or not! I do like your idea about the beach rover...we do this all the time, inventing ideas but I guess the difference between the people that make the money is that they have the audacity and money to actually market it!! Hey, thanks for coming to the theatre; M. Balzac is a pistol! It is fun writing this silly keeps me amused! Hey, the champagne and truffles are calorie-free so next week, let down your hair! Have a great week, Anita


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