Monday, August 10, 2009

Latest Finds...

Before I left town, I ventured out and
wondered through a few yard sales
in and around town and stumbled
upon this sweet Toile blue and off
white fabric tray

I didn't have anywhere to put it but I couldn't pass it up and I would figure it out later. So now I've decided to use it as a little cat bed for my kitty's when they are outside. Pretty good for $1.00!

Then I found these
. A black cooling rack and and a cobalt blue Pyrex pie pan. I needed the rack but the pie pan will be a nice pie giving gift as the total for these two finds....a whopping .50 cents.

This was some sort of decoration that I'm sure was part of a bigger piece. For a nickel I purchased it and placed it up against an antique mirror....perfect!

These earrings are green and the minute I saw them I jumped at it fully knowing what I'm gonna do with them... plus it was only a quarter. You'll just have to wait to see...I promise I will show you!

....and last but certainly not least, this giant artichoke in an urn just waiting to be placed up against my fireplace in the living room. It has a hairline crack but you would never no if I hadn't told you. But I will tell you it cost me $1.00 So the moral of this can spend $2.75 and add a little flare to your home.....NEWS BREAK!!...the next post will be the dinning room and that will be it for big projects for the year. I'm pretty sure.


  1. Oh wow you found some amazing finds!! Nothing better than a new treasure that cost next to nothing!! and your vacation sounds heavenly!! You did what I love to do, lay by the pool or ocean and eat, lay out in sun, eat, lay in sun,! xo Michele

  2. Wow, makes me wish I had gone to Cindy's. I tried calling several times during the day but was not able to leave my house. Gloria did well with her sales from my front yard and I think I told you I didn't have anything ready due to the one day job I did. Karina threw some stuff out and then left to the Orange County Fair with Michele, she raked in a whopping $15. She was happy.

  3. Wow, what utterly beautiful and totally inexpensive finds!! Kudos!

  4. Good finds. I can see why you like garage sales so much. You have a good eye!

  5. Hey Miss Bunny! You scored in a big way at the yard sale! Great finds...vintage looking and everything! Those are the best memories and finds. Hey, keep posted on the theatre play coming soon chez moi! In March or so, I wrote a three act play to go with my handmade French theatre that you see on the post. Then, I had readers submit ideas for the final act! Everyone voted for their favorite final act and the winner won a handmade book of my play. It is an exciting event and I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for playing along..what the heck, huh? We need to amuse ourselves some way... :) Anita

  6. Hey, I want those earrings...I'd glue 'em to bobby pins for hair ornaments....what are you gonna do with them?

  7. Hey Bunny! Thanks again for coming to my site! Those two gorgeous people on my banner are my maternal grandparents! Aren't they great looking? That is "Marie" and "Honorio" or as they used to call him, Harry! Greg did take after him, but also after Uncle Daniel and as we can see, Marie took after grandma. Lucky kids! Anita

  8. OH my....I want those earrings!!!!!!! You acquired some great finds!!!


  9. Hi Bunny!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your earrings and the giant artichoke, lol.


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