Monday, August 24, 2009

My 5 Minute Thought This Morning

I lay here. In bed. I don't want to get up because I am glued to the mattress. My mind begins to wonder. Can't I just lay here all day, naw..... perhaps just half the day. There's nothing earth shaking that I have to get up for. I gaze up at the ceiling fan and just stare at it. It goes round and round and that's all. I can do that nothing. Why must I get up? I have everything I need at my finger tips, T V remote, book, magazine, phone...I'm not getting up. What if I have to go the bathroom, then I'll have to get out of bed and if I get out of bed then I might as well get dressed and go about my day...I won't go to the bathroom. So here I am. Looking outside my window. Nothing going on there. Don't want to watch TV. Can't read, I left my reading glasses downstairs. I can go get them but then I'll be out of the bedroom. Think of something else. I'll call someone. No, I'll have to explain myself as to why I'm still in bed. I'll try to sleep some more. I close my eyes. I think I can see sunlight through my eyelids. I start to contemplate thin skin and old age. My eyes scan the walls....a plaque with the Missbrenner family tree going back 6 generations. Would they stay in bed? No...their German, they don't sleep.
My body is starting to become unglued. Fight it! I'm gonna stay here if it kills me. Damn it, I have to go the bathroom and who's going to feed the cats. I get up again...

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