Saturday, August 1, 2009

What inspires me...

Red polka dots. whole kitchen is full of them from pots, pans, bowl sets to pictures.

The Ocean. I live pretty near the ocean so I can go when the need hits me. It calms and relaxes me and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Music should be number 1 on the list. It
is so important in my life I don't think a day
goes by without it. It's the background to my
life in good times and in bad times. All
types from Jazz, rock, show tunes and
gospel. It makes me happy and sad and
everything in between.

Cold rainy days inspire me to nest. I love to bake and pitter patter around the house. I also love to cuddle with my hubby. It hardly rains in California so I look forward to winter time so I can light the fireplace and candles and settle in.

last but not least....other blogs inspire me. They inspire me because I learn so much and I am amazed how well written they are. Also there is a whole lot of creativity out there..Impressive!

...and so, there you have it. There's probably a dozen or more
things that inspire me, but I'm writing this in a hurry...



  1. Hey Bunny!!! I love what inspires you...cold days are awesome and believe me, around here we get plenty of them; Ruben and I love to have tea time in front of a good movie, a good book or music! Thanks so much for coming to visit me and welcome me back to blogland, a place where I agree, is inspiring! You have seen Babette's Feast...wonderful story. Bisous, Anita

  2. hey bunny :)
    thank you for partying with us! you have such delightful inspirations!! love the polka dot and yes!!! rainy days!! i love rainy days too ... there's something about the sound and smell of rain, and the cool ambience ... hmmmm.... :))
    going off to look at your blog :)) have fun and good luck on the giveaway!!
    peace and hugs,
    luthien :))

  3. This was wonderful Bunny and I'm so delighted you could join us for our little party! I really enjoyed visiting your blog and look forward to returning often - just that fabulous image of Catalina is enough to get me back here - ah.. how I miss it!
    All the best ~ Sharon

  4. Just stopping by to leave a comment from all of us and to thank you for joining in the fun today!
    ♥Sharon & the Girls of Inspiration Avenue

  5. Great post Bunny - I'm the same about staying in and creating when it's cold outside. Oh and I love you red polka dotted kitchen!

  6. So glad you partied with us today! I loved reading about your inspirations!

    I still think we were separated at birth.

    How much longer on the dining room?


  7. I loved your list of inspirations!! We usually go to the beach every summer for a couple of weeks and couldn't go this year and I soooo miss the ocean. It totally relaxes and refreshes me too!

  8. I love your beach inspiration- I'm jealous! The ocean is one of the things that inspires me, but I'm not lucky enough to live near one (yet- I will someday, I hope!).

    And I love those polka dots- what a cheerful kitchen!

  9. Hi, just making my rounds at the party. Love your inspirations, especially the ocean. I love it so and miss it badly. Someday I will go back.
    Your kitchen looks like a great place to hang out.

  10. So, it hard hardly rains in California eh? Hmm, best get me a plane ticket cause it sure rains here in England!! Guess what - see those red cups hanging up. I've got one of those - I use it as my painting pot for my water... Are they some kind of metal? Mine is.


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