Saturday, August 15, 2009


I want a Vespa. I love these little scooters. I have admire them from afar for some time now.
When you say the word Vespa, it conjures up images of beautiful Italian people riding around town on cobblestone streets, throwing their hair back and laughing, all while holding a glass of wine. I can envision myself tooling around my little town in one of these babies. People will point at my brand new green, (you know it had to be) Vespa and they will scratch they're heads and question themselves in wonder because they won't believe there eyes when they catch a gander of me. My head will be flung back, mouth wide open and my legs will be spread eagle as the sound of weeeeee will echo all through the streets. I want one....I'm just say'n


  1. Somehow this doesn't surprise me that you would want a green one!! I would love to have a pink one! Wouldn't we be a pair? *snort*


  2. I'll take one in any color!

  3. Don't forget to don the sunglasses and scarf as well! ;-) You're too cute!♥

  4. Wow, you love musicals! So do I, I knew their was a reason, (other than what you say) that I liked you. Yeah, thanks for visiting my blog. If you email me your address, I just might send you a apron, my friend! I love the fact that you want a bike, you are too much! Blessings, Martha

  5. In Italy the whole family rides at the same time
    Gabrel rode all around with Nikki on hers was I nervous yesss :o

  6. Oh Yeah....
    I have wanted one for awhile.
    They're just not practical in good ole San Antonio Tex. If I lived in a small town maybe...but not in this traffic.
    Keep dreaming girl, you'll get one one day.


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