Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Latest Treasure Update

Just a quick glimpse as to what I did with those very expensive finds on one of my weekend hunts.

ThAt LiTtlE dEcORaTivE tHInGy...

peek a boo!

THeE GiAnT ArTicHoKe...

le GReEn EArrINg...

KiTTy sPa...

This is Cleo. Ginger was there asleep but when I came outside, she thought I was gonna feed her and she jumped down and started begging...but they both use their new beds.


  1. Oh these are fabulous Bunny!! I love the kitty bed, it matches so beautifully! Isn't amazing how when you go to snap an image of them they move, ugh! Always happens to me at least. ;-)

    I love the scrulptured pieces and how you used them, what incredible finds you made!!

  2. The kitty bed is adorable! My fav is the giant artichoke! I would paint that thing white and then put crackle on it to make it look old. It's wonderful!


  3. You found the perfect place for all of it! xo

  4. I guess I'll have to take some decor classes from you but first, I'll have to have a home away from home because I'm afraid my family would find it odd that I'd want things in order....they're crazy!


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