Thursday, August 13, 2009

Door to Door Fruit

Recently my friend Marie wrote on her blog about how simple life was when we were kids and how we would spend our summers. Besides staying out till passed dark when our mothers would stick there heads out the front door and yell our name to come home, we climbed trees, played tag, red rover, hide and seek, jumped the fence and went on Safari at the riverbed, played with the water hose...only because I wasn't allowed to have a slip n slide...but I'm not bitter, anyways, my point is, my summer memories are chuck filled with adventure and good times. One of my favorite memories are me selling fruit door to door and yes, you read that right!

My maternal grandmother lived on a huge plot of land that was filled with fruit trees which consists of Lemon, Orange, Avocado, Peach, Plum and Fig trees. I would always help her pick the fruit off the trees and put them is boxes. For whatever reason, my grandmother was always telling me that I was her favorite. She said this so much and in front of family, that it just became normal and I never questioned it till many many years later...Anyways, she tells me, because your my favorite girl I'm giving you this fruit so you can sell it and make some money.
Well, such a honor was bestowed on me, I couldn't say no and actually I didn't know what to say.
Selling fruit? How do I do that? Who would buy fruit? On our way home in the car, I asked my mother if I make a sign and put it on the front yard, would people stop by and buy fruit? The answer....NO! Your gonna have to go door to door. OK, you'd think I would be mortified with just the thought of going door to door schlepping fruit, but nope, I was too naive to think it could be embarrassing or anything remotely strange. So I did, for about 5 or 6 summers and I was good at it too. I had regular customers and learned the value of money as I had raked in a whopping $15.00 on average. So I guess life back then was a lot more simple especially when your young and you have no preconceive thoughts on how people see you when your pulling a little red wagon filled with food.


  1. I remember those days. I used to love getting the Golden Delicious Apples from the kids down the street that used to pull their little wagon around with all kinds of fruit. Those were the best apples I ever had.

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  2. Oh what great memories, Bunny! I would bake brownies at around the age of 7, and then wrap them up, draw an image on the wrapper and sell them for 25 cents!! I actually sold them and often was invited in to neighbors' homes that we knew and they let me eat the brownies! Great memories indeed. Anita

  3. oh wow on the fruit selling bunny! How cool was that???!! Every summer I used to organize a backyard carnival...does anyone remember when you got the kits from Ronald McDonald and had the fundraiser?? I used to call on all kinds of places to have them donate prizes. The funeral homes actually gave the nicest things...brand new punch bowls, etc..then I would organize a backyard carnival and sell tickets to the neighbors LOL... I did usually raise a good sum for the ronald mcdonald house. Maybe I missed my calling as an organizer of charities? xo

  4. Nothing was better than summer when I was a kid. I grew up on a block with a billion kids and it seemed we'd go through "seasons" of games. Sometimes everyone was into riding their bikes, then everyone had to have a watergun and wet each other. Then it was roller skating. I could write books about all my adventures in childhood on Manzanar. And the music on your blog is so appropo! I'm back in 1969! By the way, I got your comment about my boyfriend being on T.V.! I actually caught it. The hubby and I were spending the night in Palm Springs and they had HBO - Appaloosa. I LOVE Ed Harris too but my heart belongs to Viggo. My husband is a dead ringer for Ed Harris. Ask Marie. LOL!

  5. I just love this little insight about you. You are so interesting to me. I am always afraid to say what I feel, and you just blurt it out. Wow, what a woman. Martha

  6. Oh this was adorable Bunny and took me back to the days when we sold pumpkins off the back of our little red wagon door-to-door - too precious!

  7. I remember walking home from Marsha's house when it was already 7/8 o'clock in the evening. Of course that was in middle school but my point is, I could. Ahhh, times have changed and the days of selling lemonade and avocados in my front yard are gone but you can't take the memories away!


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