Saturday, August 8, 2009

palm springs

There are shoe skid marks from the hotel room to our car as I am forced to come home. We are back and I'm not happy about it but as always, I'll adjust. Eric goes back to work on Monday so we still have a little time left. We had a very very relaxing time. Hey...did I say it was relaxing?

The only complaint Eric had was that the pool area didn't allow bottles so he had to drink corona in a can....big woop. Like I said...we swam and lounged, we ate and swam some more. When we got there the temp was 111, but with every passing day, the temps came down to a pleasant 98. wasn't that bad. So, I'm back and everything is fine and my plans for today besides laundry is going to a friends yard sale. Here are some pics that passed the bunny guard. Pictures of us at the pool, eating and road runners...yes, you read that correct...they were everywhere ,including tons of jack rabbits. It was like being in a cartoon and waiting for the "Acme anvil" to fall on My favorite memory...sitting at sunset on the steps of the pool with my hubby, drink in hand and listening to the cicadas serenade us. Anyways, Enjoy~


  1. looks like you all had so much fun! Eric is a handsome fella! He reminds me of Hector Elizondo from Pretty Woman. *swoon* I really enjoyed seeing all your pics! I especially loved the one of you and Eric in the pool and the one of your daughter. So glad you are home and you had fun, even if you had to be drug kicking and screaming!


  2. Glad you had such a great looks like fun! Now we need to force Marji to buy her place down there... :0)


  3. Glad you had a good time. Sometimes all we need is a few hours away. Me...I'd prefer at least five but that's just my selfish nature speaking.

    Buy anything at the yard sale? I called twice but no one answered the phone.

  4. OMG Bunny! What a great vacation! You look marvelous and your husband is beautiful!! Where did you go so as to see all those rabbits and roadrunners!? I am assuming the desert somewhere but which one? It sounds like a soothing, quiet and still vacation. Whoah....the guy with the tatoo of Pelayo; you are correct, that was my maiden name and there are not too many around! Was he young or old? I only have old relatives with that name left in California! Thanks for coming by. I hope that your return home will be a smooth transition and that you can still enjoy peaceful, wonderful days! Bisous, Anita

  5. P.S., I LOVE all the green décor on your sidebar! Anita

  6. Hey Bunny! I will stay posted since I love decorating, green and I enjoy your post! Palm Springs...sounds awesome! Next year, I'm off to Paris!! I'll stay tuned. Anita
    P.S. - funny, I don't think I was fortunate enough to look like my mom's side of the family! I really look like my paternal grandfather!! Yikes! Anita

  7. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to make my way over here but I'm thrilled to see you had such a wonderful time!! Loved hearing about it all and loved the images you shared!

  8. Looks like you all had a great relaxing time---see you Saturday.



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