Saturday, July 11, 2009

I must be Trip'n

Look what I stumbled upon...Let me explain. I'm soooo bored staying home that I told Eric I'd be right back, I needed to get gas. Well, I did intend to go get gas but, in route, my car gravitated to one of my favorite local stores....I have a very well trained car. This store is filled with antiques and vintage pieces of various sizes and shapes and as I was wondering around the store I all most ate it when I practically tripped on this

...and so, I bought it. It matches perfectly the chandelier I bought a while ago for the dinning room, except I don't have a pic of's wrapped up nicely just waiting to be hung up.
I think my little trip to the gas station payed off. Oh yeah, I went and got gas too. All this in under 30 minutes...believe me, it's not a new record.


  1. Hey Bunny - with regard to your previous post on your search for a turquoise sofa (which I think is FAB) I thought I'd let you know about two websites that I just love. One is called Everything Turquoise and the other is called House of Turquoise. The latter website is fabulous. It has pics of beautiful turquoise rooms. Kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms. I LOVE IT. I actually log on when I need to feel calm and peaceful and it always does the trick. Check them out. Everything Turquoise also has lots of info on where to find all kinds of things IN TURQUOISE.


  2. OMG this is just too fabulous! To do all that in 30 minutes, you are a Rock Star :)


  3. Bunny - re your comment on my post about Bruno ... seriously, the movie was in incredible bad taste. I do think that Sacha Baron Cohen is talented. I love his Ali G character, but dayum, this movie ... you'd have to see it in order to form your own opinion. I don't know, maybe I've turned into an old prude, but even my husband thought it was a little too out there. You're welcome re the websites. I love them!



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