Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The neighbor's Drugs...

Everything was perfectly fine till last Friday morning...bum, bum bum (perry mason music playing) when I got or should I say tried to get out of bed. It seems my back goes out once in a while as opposed to my ankle or knee or mind. As I lay there cursing the back gods and wondering how am I gonna get up from this bed, the thought of laying there all day was enticing as I have a television, cd player both with remotes, fan up above me and two huge windows to stare out of and imagine I'm a lady of leisure and most importantly, a very able bodied daughter at my beck and call. When I finally came out of my fantasy I knew that I had to get up and do something,anything because as we all know, the Missbrenner household is a very important core element in the universe and god forbid we should shut it down and send our little universe into disorder.

After stretching and pulling and yanking and heavy breathing (I was by myself) I managed to make it up and to the bathroom where upon I went to the bathroom and changed my clothes. Now, if you yourself have a back problem you know that those two tasks are a sight to behold, and you can only imagine. So through out the day I am sitting with hot packs, cold packs, taking ibroprofen, crawling on the floor so that I can maybe stretch it out and basically there is really nothing I can do short of epidural shots and that's when I had a vision. Our neighbors who are away on vacation have a pool, Raquel is feeding there animals and tending to their plants and they are always suggesting we go for a swim as they never use it So, we go and it's a miracle...I'm cured. The pain is gone and I'm getting a tan all at the same time. Everything is copacetic until I get out of the pool and I can feel the weight of the world slowly coming back....literally!
According to my doctor, it is my sciatic nerve that's bugging me and basically nothing really helps. I've tried Chiropractors, Masseuses, yoga and everything else I could possibly think of, except Feng shui and a Hopi dance and don't think I haven't thought of those too.

Eric and Raquel help a lot but he's at work all day and Raquel is a teenager with bigger fish to fry.
Sunday, Eric was outside talking to the neighbor across the street and when he came back in the house he handed me a baggie and said "Look what I scored", Well, I haven't heard that statement in like 40 years, I chuckled. Apparently Jerry's wife (the neighbor) also has back problems, had an operation and kept her pain and muscle relaxer medication and said I could have some... but not all. Ok, I know what your thinking, I should no way, under no consideration, take someone else's meds, well...after I take the muscle relaxer (you thought you knew me huh?) do I start to feel better. I'm not loopy, dizzy, dingy, out of sorts or experiencing any altered frame of mind, not any more than usual ...the dull ache in my back is somewhat gone. Praise the neighbors drugs. So, needless to say, I am feeling a whole lot better, not fully together yet, but getting there and I only used the miracle drugs 3 times in the first 3 days. What sucks the most is that I haven't been able to do anything...swim, paint, clean the house, yard work, Oh wait a minute, maybe I should enjoy this little sciatic vacation because our real vacation will be here soon enough, and that's when the real work begins....I'm just say'n

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  1. Hope you're feeling better Bun. Guess it was a frustrating week for both of us.

    Did you end up going to your Massage Therapist? I know it's not a cure all but it can bring some relief.



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