Friday, July 17, 2009

Ralph Lauren Advertisment

Today I decided to go shopping for me. This topic by its self deserves a blog entry, but that's not what I want to write about. I received a coupon in the mail for $10.00 off of anything at Kohl's department store. I put my readers on and I scanned the coupon looking for loop holes like they usually have, you know, must buy $100 dollars worth or if you open a new account or must be a leap year and lo and behold, nothing, $10.00 off anything including discounted items. Well OK then, so there I go and I actually found a couple of things for our vacation. Two pairs of Bermuda shorts and a very pretty wrap around black and white paisley blouse. I first went into the dressing room to try on the blouse, liked it, came back out to cruise some more and that's when I found the shorts. When I came back into the dressing room with the shorts and looked in the mirror I was surprised to see that my blouse was on inside out. I was walking around the women's department with my blouse on inside out....and no one told me.

First of all, I can not believe that I did that, jeez, I've had senior moments before, but that one took the cake, cookies and the whole bakery. I was wearing a red Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, you know the ones with the polo emblem on the left side. Well, when I got home, I took it off and turned it inside out to see if I noticed a difference... still red, the gold thread of the emblem is showing and kinda looks like the emblem on the outside, the big black RL tag exposed along with the XXL and of course the seams. Now that I look back, I remember when I put it back on, the collar was acting kinda I know why, sheesh! But what really gets me, is that no one said a word to me, no one. My hair was up in a clip so I know all that stuff was showing, but nooooo, not one "honey your inside out", or "excuse me ma'am" and not even a "Wow XXL"...nothing. So I guess that's a prime example of people not paying attention to each other or just maybe no one noticed...I didn't and I had a mirror.


  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2009

    LOL... it's more likely you started a trend!
    If kids can wear their pants around their ankles...why can't you wear your shirts inside out.
    If anyone says anything, just throw a gang sign at 'em!

  2. Brenda's right. My girls have intentionally worn things inside out. I thought I was helping when I told them and they just did that teenaged laugh and said "Mom, I know, Mom".
    Whatever! So, there you go again, sticking with the modern day trends and so cool you didn't even know you were doing it. My hat's off to you!


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