Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Who's There?

Yesterday morning I was home alone when I heard a knock at my front door. I don't like it when someone knocks at my door, especially in the middle of the day, which is why I usually don't answer it. I usually have the TV or music on and I know that whoever is knocking can hear someone or something going on inside, but I don't care. If I hear the door and I'm by myself this is what I do...actually I do it even if Raquel is home with me too. 1. Run and turn the TV or music down even though I know they already heard something 2. Sneak around the corner of the staircase ninja style and try to use my X-ray vision to see who it is through the opaque insert in the front door. 3. Wait till my visitor leaves. I stand motionless and wait till I hear someone walk down the steps of the porch. 4. Quietly tip toe to the front window and oh so gingerly peak through the living room curtains....and ta daaa, now I know who it was.

Why do I do this? I'll tell you why...1. I am anti social in the morning...even with people I like. 2. I'm not expecting anyone, so it must be someone I don't want to see. 3. It could be a hoodlum, hooligan, vagabond, derelict or someone up to no good. Not really, I just like those words so I tried to work them into this blog entry, but you get my in drifter...ha, ha! So now you know. You are always a welcome guest in my home, just call first and not in the morning and keep all your weaponry at home....I'm just say'n


  1. I, for one, can attest to your a.m. behavior. It isn't pretty, for anyone who really wants to know. If you can't deal with "ummm" for both yes or no responses, do not, and I repeat DO NOT attempt to communicate with Bun in the morning, she needs time to get her facial muscles functioning and her brain willing to cooperate. After that, get outta da way!

  2. I totally do the same thing! LOL

  3. I put a sign on my door that says "DAY SLEEPER, DO NOT DISTURB" one bothers us anymore!



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