Monday, July 6, 2009

It's Just Sitting There...

....And so what if I squirt Reddi wip in my mouth every time I open the refrigerator door, it's low fat and that counts right? I don't do this everyday...just the days it's in my fridge. I didn't buy it so I'm guilt free. My mother in law bought it and discovered she didn't want it so she gave it to us and when I say us, I really mean me. So, it's just sitting there in the door of my fridge and one or two or three little squirts aren't gonna hurt. When it's gone, it's gone...till the next time. I'm just say'n.

ps. Just found out it's Wip not Whip so I went back to the fridge for research and took another shot. Turns out it's Cool Whip. Anyways, does it really matter? I think not!


  1. My brother use to do that in his sleep! It is good stuff. Plus you gotta get rid of it.

  2. And I thought I was the only one that did this.....I think we must have been twins in a former life!



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