Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There is absolutely nothing on TV....NOTHING! I could channel surf till I'm blue in the face and I'd still not find anything remotely funny, interesting or entertaining. Whatever happened to television, I mean, it used to be that you'd turn on the TV and you would have a least one or two items to choose from, but I can't and mostly I refuse to wrap my head around a TV program that thinks that people dating in the dark is what I want to see or not. How about a show where a plus size women finds a date...hmmmm, imagine that and why would I watch a game show that's not only in Japanese, it's dumb and has no redeeming quality what so ever, not that I find a higher education in it, but at least I want to learn a little something. Remember on weekends you could find old standard movies like Weathering Heights or An affair to Remember or something for your funny bone like Ma and Pa Kettle, Abbott and Costello or Our Gang. Oh sure, there might be an interesting Spanish Novela or a Korean Soap Opera on and Eric has managed to find a soccer game or two but television has sure changed with the gradual entrance of DVDs. Movie studios are making big bank of all our favorite shows and leaving us with "America's got talent", which in my opinion, you could go to any community theater and find just as good or better talent...without an obnoxious host. And don't even get me started on that loud mouth woman on "So you think you can dance", let alone the pompous British dude. Yeah, there might be a couple of shows that are worth seeing like LOST, The Office, 30 Rock but they're on vacation or they are reruns and I have to wait till fall. I want to see some good TV now! And yes, I could talk to my hubby or daughter or do something constructive around the house and I do, do those things, but when I'm tired or just want a break I want to plant myself in my chair and watch something on TV. Here are just a few of my favorites TV programs growing up.......

Action and
eye candy...

fun and...


Wow...It looks like I live in the
60's or something.

It's just that all of these programs were and still are very
entertaining and some of them you even learned a thing or two. I'm starting to sound old.

I even remember the theme songs to some of these. Real toe tappers! Well, in any case, I am bored to tears lately which would explain me being on the computer so much and that would explain the tennis elbow which in turn would lead me back to the TV...with nothing to watch.


  1. So glad I found your blog. A woman with an opinion! I love it. You are always a good read. Thanks for your thoughts. Martha

  2. Amen! If it ain't about sex, killing or personal problems, nobody wants to see it. I got enough going on in my life and the lives of those around me without turning on the tv to see all that junk. I'm tired of tv teaching our kids that if you don't like someone you can just kill them, if your struggling with personal issues you need to tell the world or you won't be able to deal and if you're not intimately involved with one or more people you just don't know what life is about. We happen to not have access to the television going on over a month now. Guess what. We've survived.

  3. Hi Sweetie :)

    They just don't make TV like they used to anymore. I will have to admit to watching the Batchelorette and Big Brother *hiding my eyes* and also "Smack Down" *giggle* I love wrestling! *pulling the blanket waaaaaaay over my head*

    I am still a bit puny so I am off to nap again!



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